Credit-card economics

Hell, it goes beyond need, it’s now just based off of how much we spent last year and how much more they can get away with.

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The more national debt (to the Fed), the more money these central banksters make.
Plain and simple.

You folks never smell the rat?

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I agree completely with your words here.

If only we could somehow–and I really do not know exactly how–totally abolish The Political Class in America, we would have taken a giant step toward the incentives of “wealth and power.”

As you said, part-time politicians, working from home, would suffice quite nicely.

We can, it’s called “term limits”.

Then additionally we need to pass a law banning them from working as lobbyists in any form for a decade after leaving office.

A law requiring they completely recuse themselves from participating in any way in the drafting or passage of bills that would benefit themselves or their families directly or indirectly would in addition to the other two would go a long ways towards eliminating the corruption that keeps fueling the beast.

Another area that is rarely considered is there needs to be a complete ban on Federal Funds going to NPO’s that participate in lobbying or donating to candidates seriously needs to be addressed.