Covid vaccines, yes or no?

For me personally NO!! The vaccine for covid19 is not a cure and is just another type of “flu shot” which we all know is not a cure and those who get yearly flu shots can still get the flu, and covid is no different. I’ve never gotten a flu shot and I think it’s been more then 4 decades since I had anything resembling a common cold or flu. I thank the lord for my immune system and don’t see the need for vaccines/shots that are not actual “cures” that could mess it up. If there is ever an actual cure then I’ll be the first in line.

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Australia has gone full-on Extreme Fascist Police State.

Aussies are such a disappointment.

I lived in Oz a little over two years and I thought they were more politically awake (not woke).

But who knows? Maybe MSM is not giving us the true picture. As in the US and elsewhere, MSM down under is owned by the same criminal banksters.

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Sky News Australia has been pretty hardcore in their reporting and opposition to the Fascist Police State, it’s amazing they have not been shut down yet by the CRIMINALS who are giving the Puppet Politicians their orders. I expect soon the CRIMINALS running the show will give the order to take Sky News Australia off the air.

It is more damaging if any network reports 95% truth mixed with 5% lies.

Or even 99 to 1.

I refuse the Flu shot , making my doctor upset and I REFUSE the KUNG FLU SHOT.At 72, how much sand is left in my hour glass.

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Glad you are well, last cold 2006, never had the flu.

Four Stages: A COVID-19 Case Study

Stage 1: The Crisis . In December of 2019, a coronavirus disease was discovered in Wuhan, China. With COVID-19 being both contagious and novel, it spread around the world causing uncertainty and concern. While COVID-19 is undoubtedly dangerous to the elderly and those with certain underlying health conditions, there was a pronounced panic about the number of cases of the virus among many governments.

Stage 2: The Solution . To flatten the curve in mid-March of 2020, there would be mandatory and universal lockdowns of society, and if one was able to participate in society at all, then a mask would be required. During that time, there were many skeptics, particularly as the two weeks stretched to months and the anti-COVID policies became more draconian and Byzantine. These COVID-response skeptics all share the constrained vision to some extent, even if they disagree on any number of political and social issues. Here is a but a sample from Spring 2020: Bethany S. Mandel warned on Twitter of the dangers to the economic, medical, and social health of people. Tucker Carlson worried about the one-size-fits-all COVID response from the government. David Harsanyi argued against the Coronavirus authoritarianism, especially on the state level. Betsy McCaughey discussed who is in danger from COVID-19, and who is not.

Stage 3: The Results . As the benighted pundits predicted, the lockdowns and masking led to unintended detrimental consequences. Most significantly, the lockdowns were double-barrel shotgun blasts—they failed to stop the spread and destroyed parts of civil society. By late 2020, enough time had passed since mid-March to carefully evaluate the lockdowns and to declare them a failure. Sowell notes that one of the differences between the unconstrained and constrained visions is that the former considers solutions while the latter considers tradeoffs. John Tierney in City Journal and I in these pages made this very point by arguing that the legacy of the lockdowns after six months is that there are tradeoffs between safety and freedom. However, the anointed does not countenance tradeoffs since those necessitate compromise, which goes against his authoritarian impulses. It has now been well over a year since the initial lockdowns and there is even more evidence that the lockdowns have failed. Tierney’s more recent CJ piece is excellent as is data maven Matt Shapiro’s on his Substack.

Stage 4: The Response . The anointed have responded to these inconvenient facts by name-calling, lying, claiming things are better than they would have been (while ignoring evidence to the contrary, including the cases of Sweden or Florida), changing policies, and doubling-down. These responses answer neither the critiques in Stage 2 nor the facts in Stage 3. However, the anointed do not need to respond in good faith because not only has the solution changed since it was first offered in March of 2020, but so has the crisis.

The original solution of flattening the curve (for two weeks!) meant spreading out the number of cases so that hospitals could have time to prepare and respond to the pandemic. Flattening a curve does not mean that there will be fewer cases, just that the cases will occur over a longer period. Regardless, “flatten the curve” became “destroy the curve.” An extreme example of this is that Australia seems presently to have the goal of no cases.

Glad for you as well. :+1:


Problem - Reaction - Solution

(Hegelian dialectic)

Works like a charm, every single time.

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Jim Stone says:

"A word about the vaxxed:

  1. Aside from the early victims who were not warned (other than that they ought to have known better) anyone getting the jab at this point is weak willed.
  2. At this point, anyone getting jabbed is more worried about compliance than personal well being.
  3. At this point, anyone getting jabbed probably does not have a “third eye” and is more likely than not:
    A. An aetheist
    B. A homosexual or trans (seriously, third eye blind)
    C. Mentally disabled.
    D: Under someone elses medical direction, and THAT person is a fool
    E: Knows the shot is bad but is an absolute weakling that can be bullied.
    F: More materialistic than in posession of common sense
  4. Someone who is so trusting of the system they actually think 911 was arabs with box cutters or the election was not stolen, that blows like a kite in the storm of MSM lies.
    5: Someone who knows all of the above, is not stupid, knows the jab is possible destruction and gets it anyway due to being forced for a job without which everything will fall apart for OTHERS, and it is done as an act of concern for others with a gamble that everything will be allright.

We are in category 5 and said no, if we actually lose over it, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I will do my best to handle everything. They can take that shot and STICK IT, and if we do suffer undue hardship for saying no, I’ll get even, you can bank on that.

If you fall into category 5, what are YOU going to do??
I am in a condition of diminishing sympathy for those who are immoral enough to not have a third eye, stupid enough to believe the media that is screaming “water is dry” or weak willed enough to bow to pressure - willing to play Russian Roulette under peer pressure at a party, these are the types who are getting the jab now and it is well known those types are defined as crazy.

NO ONE WILL RESPECT YOU IF YOU BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT AT A PARTY, HOW ABOUT THOSE CLOTS? They accomplish the same end if you hit chamber 6.
Those types might as well base jump without a parachute and hope to have a full dumpster break their fall.
My sympathy is running out."


Nothing works better than ones immune system . I’m certain many more side effects will appear in the next 5 years . Sorry folks you CAN NOT SUE !!!


True, but this diabolical jab is designed to use human immune system to attack various organs, once cold and flu season rolls around.

ADE (antibody dependent enhancement): My understanding

Once the immune recognizes any virus or pathogen, even remotely resembling the jab content (spike protein), the immune system goes into overdrive and starts attacking the cells left and right.

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I went ahead and got the vaccine. I’ll let you know what happens. It’s been 3 months since my second shot (Moderna). I didn’t then, and still don’t believe it does a damn thing… either way. But, I don’t and never did believe the Covid shit is any more dangerous than any other myriad diseases/viruses that are out there.

People die from all sorts of things, every day. Most don’t have a vaccine for them. But, most aren’t a political tool to control the masses.

Actually it was created in the Wuhan lab, that Barak the KENYAN VILLAGE IDIOT paid for.
Yes there are conspiracy theories that this is a weaponized plague. I’m not automatically signing on either way. Certainly the Chinese are well capable of such an act of war and a crime against humanity, especially when their greatest ally was illegally given the office of President of the US.

As far as the vaccine goes, here’s my 2 cents.

I got the Double Janssen shot from my doctor the moment it was made available. That was MY choice. I had to sign a release stating that I understood the drug was not approved by the FDA. As far as what others decide, it is THEIR choice.

Certainly, one who has already had the Obama virus has natural immunity and would be an IDIOT to get the vaccine.

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So you subscribe to the German doctors claim that everyone who has received the vaccines will be dead in two years……:thinking:

I subscribe to the reality that no one knows the long term side effects of the vaccines.


The answer to your question is yes, according to Trump. And we have the Republican governor of West Virginia begging his constituents to get vaccinated….

What else did he say? Ah? Miss information Monty lol

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Something to think about

Tuskegee Syphilis Study - Wikipedia