Covid vaccines, yes or no?

Pros and cons of the so-called vaccines, specifically Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca.

Alan Fountain did research. Did FDA really “approve” Pfizer shot?

This is the brain of the vaxxed.
Abnormal red blood cells and huge clots in the brain.

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I have natural immunity. Thank god might get a booster next year

You mean you had one or two shots?

Anthony Joshua: ‘Who are you a Doctor?’ - YouTube


You’re lucky you aren’t in Australia.


I got the shot/s. Wasn’t really thrilled about it, but I figured if something goes wrong down the road, I really don’t care…lol.

No natural immunity I had Covid about six months ago was absolutely really no side effects except the loss of smell. Which it returned after a couple days. Natural immunity has been proven to be 13 times stronger than the vaccine shot


good to see you back mate hope you have been going well

why would you not care??? have a look at what it does to your red blood cells. Anyway i hope your not feeling any bad side effects
Toxicologist Shows Vaccinated Blood Vs Non-Vaccinated Blood | Video (

I had an antibody test and have antibodies so the doc said I had the corona virus. No symptoms and no on around me has caught the virus. The Doc said that I had it and killed it with my immune system before I became contagious . My doctor recommended I not partake of the vaccines. Doc visit and est cost me a pint of blood for testing.


Some doctors are recommending

Ivermectin (Dr Tenpenny)
Suramin (Dr Mikovits)
and something else I tend to forget

or plain pine needle tea along with hydroxychloroquine to reverse the (bad) effects of the vaccines.

I’m more concerned about the spike protein and some unknow things vaxxed people are shedding all over the place, so I will probably be forced to get these.

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I don’t care because I’m old… enough. If I die, Who gives a f***. Nothing really matters anymore. The Left has ruined the country to the point that it will never recover in the time I have left. so… f*** it.


I got the pfizer vaccine, no big deal. I’ve been blase’ about the whole thing from the beginning, we have immune systems and are exposed to viruses with every breath. However, if there’s a vaccine, I’ll take it. I expect not much better than a flu vaccine, which I got every year and seems to have no bearing on whether I get the flu or not. I’ve been illness-free for almost two years, and I attribute that to my lack of air travel more than anything else.

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What they call today “vaccines” are not really vaccines. It’s high tech mumbo jumbo which can do a number on your body months, even years later. I urge you to take the countermeasures I mentioned above, and pray.

There are reports that some religious, spiritual persons totally lose their lifelong belief and faith after a shot. (The Brits traditionally called it a jab, which may be more accurate LOL) If so, the jab REALLY is the Mark of the Beast.

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With the flu it mutates and they develop a different vaccine, with the corona virus it mutates and they say take another dose of the vaccine. Strikes me as a hail Mary hope this helps solution.


Yeah, there’s a lot of hysteria, propaganda, fear-mongering and political machinations surrounding all of this. Since the beginning, I just decided to tune out all of the noise and use some common sense. I doubt that drug companies did anything except develop a vaccine to a virus, anything other than that would need too many accomplices. Will I rush to get a “booster?” Probably not. Will I be afraid that it will facilitate mind control by dark entities? Probably not. They’ve already got that with all of the media propaganda at their disposal. There’s probably no drug that can be as effective.

Alas, I never had a lifelong faith to lose, I’ve been a skeptic my whole life. If there is a sign of the beast, it’s in a QR code.


If anything, I’ve strengthened my belief and conviction in Jesus Christ… the truth and the life, after getting the shot/s.

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You need to.

I take it that above is not a true statement.


I disagree.

The COVID-19 virus will not be eradicated. The only human virus ever to be eradicated was smallpox, and that took 200 years. COVID-19 will become endemic. It likely will continue mutating and developing variants.

But we’ve learned a great deal about the virus since the pandemic began. Unlike smallpox, which had a 30 percent fatality rate; or Ebola, which has a 50 percent fatality rate; or respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), which has up to a 1.7 percent fatality rate in children and over an 11 percent fatality rate in adults, COVID-19 appears to average a 0.3 to 0.4 percent infection fatality rate in Europe and the Americas and a 0.2 percent fatality rate among people not living in institutions. In the United States, 80 percent of fatalities have occurred in people over age 65, and 39 percent of all COVID-19 deaths in 2020 occurred in nursing homes. As of July 29, 2021, 358 U.S. children under age 17 had died from COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. (For comparison, the average annual fatality rate for RSV in children is 500.) Martin A. Makary, a public health professor, and his team at Johns Hopkins University found that most of the children who died of COVID-19 had preexisting vulnerabilities such as leukemia. This tells us which populations need the most protection.

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So-called Covid 19 was manufactured. First put together at Fort Detrick and then brought over to Wuhan for mass production, originally intended to kill Asians. (CCP wants to reduce its own population by several hundred million for more efficient administration).