Covid 19 Today in the USA

731,000 Americans dead When POTUS Trump was in office 285,000 dead nows its Pervert Joe Bidens deaths of 368,000 Americans and 4 States California, New York Illinois and Texas Democrat Governor States, Texas is thier because of 1 million illegal immigrants that 25 % have Covid 19 The Us Economy is horrible 11 million Americans have lost thier jobs, Jobs reports last 2 months 1 million People WHY?

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@Tyfoon @Patriot


Jim stop with the crap, it’s like you get paid to be crap


It doesn’t matter Jim, 90% of the deaths are anti vaxxers, let them do as they please….:wink:

Colin Powell wasn’t vaccinated? Huh

ok so tell me Hunter Biden is a good boy

Looks good to me …… z