Coup Update: Impeachment Abuse of President Trump

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Kamala is a fking idiot!

IG Horowitz hilariuosly reminds Kamala Harris he'd have to refresh his memory about other conversations he may have had about the Ukraine call because he has been spending a lot of time on this 500 page report he is there to talk about 😂😂😂

— Shem Horne (@Shem_Infinite) December 11, 2019

Anyone catch this? During a recess at BS impeachment hearing, Nadler was approached by a journalist and that fat worm refused to answer any questions. In fact, he couldn’t get away fast enough. That fat bastard and all representatives need to answer to the American people. We are their bosses.


Nadler is working against the American people. That lardass needs to be held to account for his treasonous actions.

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I really hope the impeachment trial in the Senate uncovers the fact that the Obama administration was behind the Ukrainian coup and that the Biden family directly benefited from the ensuing war.


The Senate impeachment trial against President Trump will end up as a Democrat Treason trial against the Coup conspirators. Timing is everything. Horowitz, Durham, and Barr will play a major role in draining the swamp once and for all.


Obama must be the first witness called into the Senate impeachment trial. He was the one who had to order the CIA and FBI to investigate Trump. He had to call all the foreign leaders to get them involved. He needs to be pinned down. Then start at the bottom with the coup perpetrators.

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OMG the insanity in this thread :exploding_head:

Impeachment, a power of Congress referenced in Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution, is a fully CONSTITUTIONAL process.

A coup is a sudden, violent and illegal overthrow of power.

Stop with the false narrative. Stop lying. And get a fucking dictionary.

Nadler on camera said that “we cannot rely on the next election to remove him”. This is not impeachment it’s a coup!

I call bullshit. The POTUS is required by law to assure any country receiving US Aid, is addressing corruption, before releasing said aid/assistance. If he hadn’t done it, then the Democrats would have used that for the impeachment coup. This was all in the works from the beginning and you know it!

It is comrade Dave! It decided to return with more communist propaganda talking points!


:rofl: that is hysterical :rofl:

Thanks for the free portrait! Now that I live rent free inside your head, I’ll try my best to be a good tenant. Luckily for me it’s a big open space so there isn’t too much for me to damage or break.

Really? Something that a politician said on camera is your threshold now? Good! Let’s use that same standard on Trump.

Okay, show me the law that says so. I bet you can’t because you aren’t a legal practitioner and you have no idea what you’re talking about.

You wish you live inside my head! You wear it well, and you are the butt head of jokes here whose ignorance knows no better! You invent a new kind of stupid every time you post here and it’s entertaining to watch!

Thanks. Now please let’s keep the thread on track. Either dispute what I have posted or go cry in a corner somewhere else.

There is nothing to dispute with a partisan hack like you! I thought most here made that clear to you!

Boring! I’ll just wait for others to post completely irrelevant Republican talking points and I’ll proceed to just dunk on them instead.

Oh how so intelligent and mature of you! It must suck knowing you are incapable of convincing others on why to vote for your side.

Most here will just ignore you!