Coronavirus: Iran frees 85,000 prisoners to combat spread of infection

What? Can someone please tell me how releasing 85,000 additional humans into the population can combat it? I’d have thought it would increase the chances of contracting it from someone in the streets by er, well, by 85,000?? :neutral_face:

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Do we need another thread of the same topic?

As we speak, the death toll in Iran is close to 1,000 but more than 5,000 recovered.

The whole attitude of the Iranians toward the infection is completely different.
I guess their attitude toward law and order is different as well.

Iran may need fatwa to ban travel

but Western governments are banning travel and even leaving the home anyway.

Can we say Iranians are any dumber?

That has to be good news, considering how virulent it’s supposed to be? And then the following in this morning’s headlines . . .

“China reports no domestic cases of coronavirus for first time since outbreak began” - and the population of China is probably 50 times more than Iran’s? Maybe things are on the up and up??

Maybe the whole episode is coming to a close.

Only the EU countries, NZ and Aussie want to keep on playing the stupid game…

The English-speaking world you mean? Hmm, now there’s a thought to conjure with? :thinking:

And French, German, Spanish etc speaking

So apart from Oz, the western hemisphere countries then?

Honestly, there’s something very fishy.
Japan was full of Chinese tourists in December, January and February, but there is no such massive infection as you see in Europe today.

I don’t know exactly how Iran is doing (17,000 or so cases as of today) but the infection level in Italy is crazy. How did the infection in Iran and Italy start anyway?

‘Curiouser and curiouser’, said Alice!? Maybe it’s nowhere near as virulent as first thought? And the thread title/main story - anyone would think it’s strange, but nobody here has queried the logic?

If there is any logic…

One thing I know about the stock market is what goes up must come down, and what comes down must go up.
Someone is going to make a killing in the end.
That’s guaranteed.

I never thought the virus is virulent, although it may not be a picnic to catch it.
For now, this may be the only safe way LOL

Don’t forget Didge - a lie told once is a lie, but a lie told fifty times eventually becomes the truth. Or sommat like that!!

That’s correct.
It’s very easy nowadays to repeat the same lie through the mass media.
People are so gullible. Even I, a confessed cynic, get suckered off and on.

Max Igan says the biological agent was released both in China and Iran. Possibly.
Hmmm, who’s their common enemy?

ROTFLMAO. Are you buying shares in the golden gate bridge too?

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Shame this post can’t be moved to the conspiracy category.

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For morons everything is conspiracy BS.

There’s no doubt that this virus was developed with state funding somewhere and purposely spread.

Hmmm, cui bono?

Tsk, tsk, name calling is forbidden.

Need me to report it or can you manage to clean up your act. I know a near impossibility but try.

And you haven’t a shred of proof. Just what you think which if passed is conspiracy at best.

Do you have anything worthwhile to say?