đź”´ Corey Lewandowski Testifies Before The House Judiciary Committee


Corey Lewandowski to be grilled by Nadler’s Posse before House Judiciary Committee.

Starting in a few minutes…

Got out the popcorn and get ready for another 3 Ring Circus with Numbnuts Nadler acting as the Circus Master.

Corey is a former Trump Campaign Manager. Nadler and his cronies will be hammering for evidence of obstruction of the Mueller investigation.

What a total waste of treasury funds (taxpayer money) this is!

Nadler’s rules conflict with House rules. Nadler is a prick in a suit!


A fat obese disgusting prick!


I am surprised to hear you call Trump that but so happy you have come to your senses.

Alll my love xxxxx

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STFU you fking loser!

you said “a fat obese disgusting prick”. That is President Trump to a tee. Were you not referencing Trump?

And yes I think in real life we could be very close friends. I love your angry style of posting on here. A man who is a curmedgeon is a very attractive man indeed.

We bicker but it is all in fun is it not?

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…and now comes Hank Johnson, the Village Idiot of the House of Representatives.

Don’t fking respond to me you stupid loser! Talk about talking garbage on this site you can’t practice what you preach apparently! Now fk off!

Touche’, well said. The truth is hard for some to handle.

Its not garbage. I am just trying to peacefully coexist with you. As I said you posts for the most part fascinate me.

Beneath the cantankerous exterior I suspect there is a lot of warmth and thats the Doc Manhattan I want to know. Private Message me if you like.

And your comment about Trump was funny.

It appears that your cheese is not the only thing toasted. :roll_eyes:

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These liberal Dems have no shame whatsoever! They don’t care they make fools of themselves they just keep on trucking on the road to nowhere.

I’m not really sure where the live feed is but it probably should have been in this thread. Anyway I’m not surprised by the total lack of respect for the elected officials of the people by Cory Lewandowski. Disgusting.

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I remember him doing the same thing at Freebird all the time. HELLO when you put a red ball on the title it indicates that there’s a live stream.

Anyway, I think today was a total failure. That smug piece of shit should have been held in contempt and hauled off out of there in handcuffs like the criminal scum he is.

Republicans will unironically defend him.

The link is in the OP. You have to CLICK ON IT!

Are all Democrats stupid?

Why was it so difficult for you just to put the live stream in? Why do Republicans insist that everyone has to do things exactly their way? Why can’t you adjust abide by community norms? It’s literally dropping a fucking YouTube link.

If you don’t know how to click on a link to a live feed, you would benefit from Computers for Dummies!

I was unable to watch the hearings, but EVERYONE should have known this was how he would behave. So FIRST, if you don’t have some awesome plan for trapping him…don’t invite him. I don’t see why he was important enough for Dems to risk looking so weak…that we had to get him in that chair today.

SECOND, you make anybody who behaves like that pay a serious price. You do EVERYTHING you have to … to make his legal fees go thru the roof, put him on a terrorist watch list, make him come back again and again (but not on TV)…whatever it takes.

THIRD, are there ways the Dems can change any of the chamber rules and consequences…so that he can be charged, subpoenaed, lose his law license, be arrested on the spot… (lying to congress) whatever it takes to make him hurt. He might leave the room unscathed but this needs to cost him.

The one good thing that comes of this is he looks, sounds, and smells like a total asshole. Less than 40% of our country was ever in the market for an asshole, and that number is going down daily. Playing his greatest hits over and over is going to convince a lot more people of what an asshole he is, rather than what a brilliant strategist or legislator he will make.
If you gotta make lemonade out of this, turning him into a huge asshole poster is one option.

I dropped a fucking c-span.org link.

Click on it and see what you find.

I think they are complaining about the lack of auto embedding. Many people don’t like having to leave a site to watch a video and then come back to make a comment. It’s just as easy to embed the video here so that people can comment while listening. It makes for a more productive and engaging thread. Just my two cents.