Controversial Bill Maher Segment Warns Liberals About Coming Civil War

There is really not too much about Bill Maher that I like, and in fact I think he is clueless about a lot of things, but occasionally when someone I despise gets something right I am willing to give them credit for it. Bill Maher segment from Friday night is smug and infuriating, but there’s a lot of truth here to think about, and if what is playing out continues then a Civil War indeed will break out! Its no joke, as we are on that road right now if something doesn’t change soon!

A timely warning after he has personally been dumping gas on the fire for nearly 30 years.

Seriously, fuck this guy. The left deserves what comes next.

You think he is scared and is the reason why he is putting this out there?

Maybe he had an epiphany…

He was still doing it in the segment. :nauseated_face:

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Yep! Which he partially gets and the other crap he is blathering about is basically negating his message! In other words he is contradicting himself

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It’s almost as if he was screaming out in pain as he was striking conservatives.


I don’t watch him but I found his message to be very negative. Especially about families and Thanksgiving. Both my parents have passed and I’d give anything to have them back to celebrate Thanksgiving.just one more time. I loathe that kid of disrespect.

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I hear ya! I miss Thanksgiving even though my family on my fathers side joke about it as being a reminder how the white man conquered us! We celebrate it though and it’s one of my favourite American holidays and I know I have a lot to be thankful for this year! I am currently in the heart of chaos and I am safe! Sorry about your folks, may they Rest In Peace! Bill Maher and his hate has no place in what we want for the future of our country!

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Native Americans were a part of the first Thanksgiving celebration.

Yes of course, but you know a lot of us are freaking liberals and vote Democrat! Why? Probably free shit!

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Nothing is free; someone always pays.

My fathers great ( etc. etc. ) grandmother was an Eastern Indian. I believe small pox took the toll on Eastern tribes. Mom’s great ( etc. etc. ) grandmother was from India. I am truly a mongrel. Much genetic diversity. If you notice, the smartest & toughest dogs are the mongrels.

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Maybe that ■■■ prick should be first one to eat his god damn words.

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I think you are missing point in the context that I was speaking!

If liberals’ believe the world owes them a living; then I’m not missing your point.

Were you responding to me previously? Context matters in relation to why I made that statement! It was an off the cuff remark I made!

Understood, off the cuff. Back to Civil War. The old man told me: If you allow yourself to be beaten down once too often, you will reach the point where you will not be able to get back on your feet.

I think Bill Maher sucks but you should also understand that he’s a comedian and this is part of his bit. He will say something that makes sense then contradict himself. I don’t agree with anything this idiot has to say but don’t get butthurt because he uses comedy to deliver his message.

The central question now is whether or not our government can be effectively run by those who have not been elected by the people to do so. Or have those who should be our servants and follow the policies set by the one we elect instead insulated themselves ever more powerfully from review and control by the people they are meant to serve?

Will the people who we elect be able to control the hired people from setting policy, and implement their own parties policy circumventing our elected government? Vindman is an example of a the lefts attempt to control our policies.

Will the people finally revolt against the over throw of our government today?

Is it time for a total house cleaning?

We have 2 million people working for the Federal Government, another 4 million contractors.