Conservative Wins: Do their wins provide a glimmer of hope in the world?

The recent news with Argentina shocking the world by electing Javier Milei, a libertarian outsider, as president, the usual leftards were having a meltdown at the prospects of the People demanding paper ballots.

The next recent domino is the newly elect Geert Wilders of the Netherlands is another shocker, especially when considering his ascendancy took nearly 20 years to over come such as vicious vitriol and violent threats made against him for speaking the truth which was the unfettered immigration policies of the EU in which Geert Wilders vowed to exit.

Coincidentally speaking is it no wonder that both of these elections were conducted by using only paper ballots only that the electorate demanded, and now the anti establishment candidates were overwhelmingly victorious?

Next years election in the US with the prospects of Donald Trump winning certainly makes for more liberal meltdowns and explody heads in the media. It also makes for fertile ground for more FBI false flag operations and volatile times.

Paul Joseph Watson puts Geert Wilders victory into perspective

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David Icke’s take.
(2) David Icke on X: “Ladies and gentlemen - the mainstream ‘alternative’ media’s latest hero - Israel-worshipping Geert Wilders in the Netherlands following Israel-worshipping Javier Milei in Argentina. Then there’s Israel-worshipping Trump in the US. Anyone see a pattern here? The mainstream…” / X (

Maybe. It shows that people are tiring of the extreme Left/WEF agenda. That agenda is affecting their lives now so, it’s time for another change…lol.


Over here in Europe recently Poland elected it’s most left-wing party in a number of years this was swayed by the younger generation which to me means they’ve been propaganda’s into believing absolutely nonsense but on a positive note Spain are holding huge protests against their left wing government in which they commonly say socialism sucks and Spain is Christian not Islamic remember Spain was under Islamic rule for 800 years but I’ve spoke to 30 year old Spanish people that don’t believe Spain was under Islamic rule for 800 years they’ve not being taught their history which is crazy but predictable

European most left-wing population in my opinion the Netherlands legalised cannabis easy accessible truffles and mushrooms which are hallucinogenics and open street prostitution have elected their most right wing government in many many years the guy running the party was prosecuted and threatened with jail under Dutch law because in 2016 he said Holland needs less moroccan’s and he would like to band the Quran and ban all Islamic schools he’s since taken back some of that sentiment but that pushed him over the edge in the political polls also the interesting thing that he has done is pointed out how Moroccans are massively overrepresented in crime and not just first Generations or new immigrants but even 3nd generation which is leading people to discussion are these people inherently genetically pre-disposed to committing more crime than Europeans or is it cultural or is it due to their religious background either way it opens up the conversation for mass scale deportation in Holland the top 20 groups that are represented in crime only one is European being Bulgarian and they land at 20 in the charts and I would personally get a pretty penny these are Bulgarian gypsies visibly distinguishable from other Europeans the Dutch don’t even land in their top 20

The Nordic countries have actually accepted that their grand scheme and plans of a multi-cultural Society has failed Denmark or Norway had recently released crime statistics based on race and ethnic background seeing these things for the general public eye opening as they’ve been covered up for some time in Nordic countries and they are starting discussions of mass deportation

In Ireland a Algerian man who has lived in Ireland for 20 plus years recently stabbed 3 or 4 children including a little girl of around five years old who is in serious condition and two adults he was battered by locals started by a Brazilian man that used cycle helmet it lead to the Irish taken to the streets and doing a protest there’s some videos online of Africans trying to do some new thing of local stores and the Irish kicking them out quite a impressive site to see yeah

I believe two things have changed the sentiment of Europeans views on politics and mass immigration the first is Twitter now allowing open free speech and facted checking lies that’s probably only 15% of what’s changed the sentiment I believe the biggest thing was seeing how many people were opening supporting Hamas I was in school when September 11th happened and personally watched local Muslim celebrating so I already knew how they felt about terrorism and the West general but this has been simmering for a number of years I’m quite frankly to see the average person awaken up they complete left wing guy I know who just earlier this year was telling me stop racism we need to pit children into induction classes not in those exact words but that’s basically what he was saying now saying we need to send people home and stop accepting so many people quite the U turn in less than a year

A example of how sentiment is turning in Europe after the terrorist attack by an Algerian in Ireland a prominent Twitter person started bringing up French atrocities in Algeria and people was just asking what has that got to do with Ireland and the guy deleted his post it’s not real life but most people get the majority of the information from Twitter nowadays at least a younger generations and thanks to a magical vaccine many boomers appear to be dying out unfortunately. Another example would be the Conservatives who sold out the British people losing many of their Votes to Nigel farages reform party Nigel farage’s currently on a popular British TV show which is particularly popular with the working classes a 26 year old black immigrant YouTuber was calling Nigel racist saying black people do not like him he said you would be quite surprised when I go to South London I’m quite popular for those that do not know staff London is the most heavily populated black part of the UK and she started asking what are you doing in South London for the first time that I have personally witnessed many people started to understand that she as a black immigrant to the UK see south London as a black area and does not believe certain white should be allowed or safe to enter the social compass is certainly changing

Maybe there is hope for Europe Europe needs to start mass remigration in a non forceful way I need to start government policies to encourage young people to have children and hopefully restart the one parent working household also someone was saying to me recently that you’re still coming out of the haze of World War Two and has not culturally recovered I believe this is also true and Europe needs to refine its Faith in Jesus Christ

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Some segments of the Dutch society are deeply conservative but in cities like Amsterdam all sorts of drugs are used without any police intervention.

A guy was arrested in a cafe in Amsterday for smoking a joint because he rolled it with tobacco in it. LOL

I’ve been to weed cafes in Amsterdam I can assure you if someone was arrested for having tobacco in their cannabis they were actually being arrested for another reason but that was the excuse yeah you can see from the rating voting data in Holland there’s a complete disconnect between the cities Rotterdam and Amsterdam and the Rural communities completely different voting patterns the Dutch voting system is different from any others that’s why no parties normally holds a majority

I wonder if Ireland is in the category that you speak of?

I also saw an article that both the Argentine and Dutch elections went to paper ballots than the electronic voting machines because there was such an outcry from voters to use the traditional methods in order to restore trust in the voting process.

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People definitely appear to have worked out that machine voting it’s easily hampered with and the best way is paper voting. On your previous question about the Irish being fed up with left wing agendas the thing of the Irish people they are generally politically lift leaning but culturally conservative they have not had a population plummet like other Western Nations they are still breeding and they do not have a history of colonialism so they do not feel like they are Africans or algerians anything also a person of Irish descent is often considered Irish in Ireland not so much American Irish when its fifth generation basically they believe in bloodlines they fought Wars of Independence so that their bloodline could preserve their nation seeing other people coming in disrespect them has led to civil unrest also the housing crisis in Ireland is terrible because the build new homes in Ireland you basically have to back hand politicians bribes so many of the new build homes that were built are pretty much vacant because they’re in the middle of nowhere of poor construction terrible transportation links how far away from schools places of work and shops so the houses that are sort after have Cues around the street for viewings 11,000 native Irish are currently homeless living on the streets and you’re just going to bring in Algerian family and give my house are you yeah you’re gonna course properly

The left wing and now trying to Guilt the Irish population into saying when we move to other countries this wasn’t the Welcome we got as there are more ethnic Irish living outside of Ireland and ethnic Irish living inside of Ireland this is now how they’re trying to Guilt them obviously some are comparing a banana to potato

I can’t remember the exact statistic but there is a statistic from 2006 where 37% of the Muslims population wanted sheria law in Ireland and 28% of 16 to 30 year olds believe violence would be acceptable to achieve this the Irish are not stupid they can see the other problems throughout Europe and do not want it on their own doorstep

European immigration can be explained quite simply when you’re talking about lack of social integration Muslims want Sharia law and commit disproportionate amounts of crime also due to the large-scale cousin marriages they put enormous stress on our health services in the London Borough of Redbridge one in five child deaths is directly related to cousin Marriage if you expanded that Nationwide on the National Health Service it would collapse recently the BBC running article on Bradford saying in 20 years we managed to get the Muslim population marrying their own cousins in Bradford down from 64% to 48% the people in our looking at stuff like this thinking this is crazy why did we import this problem and why are we continuing to import it. For those of you who have not met a large population of people where many of them have one set of grandparents many of the children are anemic are very low IQ and quick to aggression I can genuinely tell when I’m talking to a product of first cousin marriage they have the reasoning of a child and they look a little bit messed up

With immigration from Africa you’re basically dealing with an aggressive population with high in group preference high levels of testosterone which can have positive and negative effects significantly lower IQ than european’s and it’s just genuinely hard to live around them they’re nowhere near as bad as the Muslims in general many of them are Christian backgrounds and are hard working but you have to lower the standards to allow them to achieve anything near to you if it feels like your constantly giving them a petition medal and this celebrating un aware that they are the product of lower expectations and do not have to work as hard obviously a consequence of this is they take up large portions of social housing large portions of jail and generally speaking their children who physically develop quicker than European children both physically a mentally are a bad influence they are more promiscuous they commit more crime they are more likely to indulge in recreational drugs I’m saying this is someone who most of my friends are black as a consequence of my environment personally I love black people I love all people of the Christian Faith but I do not believe we should be forced to live next to each other by international politics it’s not good for them and it’s not good for us they become constantly resentful and in turn we become resentful of them I would just like to point out they mentally hit their peak quicker than Europeans but their peak is significantly lower

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That’s the only way to vote.


I totally agree with this position. Hopefully more and more people start waking up to this reality as well, as we have seen the results of recent elections produces. No more BS of mail in ballots and elections taking weeks and months to resolve! Same day voting dame day tally results!


Its no secret that that 98% of migrants fail to assimilate into western society. In fact most are still depending on public assistance after a few years of arriving in the UK and other countries.

In Germany they are still referred to as “refugees.”
The vast majority of them never bother to work, because the payment from the German government is good enough.

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Most are still dependent on government handouts after 3 generations and many of the ones who are not are the product of affirmative action a black friend of mine went for a job interview that he was underqualified for and did not understand why he’d been offered this opportunity he said when he got there he realized it wasn’t affirmative action higher the guy has a master’s degree from university I asked him did you not feel embarrassed he tried to accuse me of being jealous of him we’ve been friends for 15 years an embarrassing state of affairs I told him when you get out job you’re just going to be looked as the affirmative action Guy the different friend of mine got a job with social services purely because he was black and they wanted a black person to talk to the young black children that’s how they get off the bottom run of the society ladder generally speaking they are resentful for being on society’s bottom ladder and we become resentful when they are given a helping hand off of it and believe they’ve achieved something no they’ve been given something


The only way you should be allowed to vote is with an ID the correct address given a sheet of paper one vote one person the only time someone should not be made to go in personal vote as if they are crippled and that’s very recently happened they cannot leave the hospital basically


One thing I would rarely agree with then President Clinton about was his program “Workfare”. Citizens applying and receiving public benefits had to work for it in some Government works program. I think German government is too socialized and provides zero incentive for people to actually go and work for a living.

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Besides, German is not the easiest language in the world.

What kind of work would they find with very limited vocabulary, forget grammar.

Absolutely correct and true.

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The Irish police have been caught smashing windows and damaging property to blame it on the rioters I’d say this is a Glimmer of hope for Conservatives they are losing their grip on the narrative thanks to smartphones and the internet certain groups have spent over a hundred years controlling mass media therefore controlling the public narrative and they’re losing this group thanks to smartphones everybody having a camera and easy access to the internet maybe this will be a beautiful time to be alive

People are people all over the world. At some point they get tired of being used and taken advantage of. I would think the Irish definitely fall into that catagory.