Conservative Wins: Do their wins provide a glimmer of hope in the world?

I have a feeling there is more wars and battles to come. Things could get more volatile in the months ahead. The smell of revolution is in the air! (Tangled Up in Blue)


As long as those freebee continue to flow and no work is required things in the US will never change !

Blame Ireland’s migrant surge, not ‘right-wingers,’ for Dublin riots (

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We must be careful that foreign governments don’t try to create a civil war with lies , China is a major player with iphone data . The USA has started many revolutions to get the people THEY wanted in power .

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Yes the Arab Spring comes to mind it’s so hard to know what is true and what is fake we’ve seen it with the George Floyd protests completely Force narrative whipped up to make people in rage and feel justified in burning down their own cities at the recent Irish protests when people started damaging properties most of the protesters stopped them there was only one occasion where I’ve seen actual Irish looting and to be honest they were young men short-sighted full of testosterone and lacking in experience some public buses were burnt down but the Irish have been doing that for a number of years particularly in Northern Ireland when they do their patriotic marches once a year

We must be villained we’ve seen how the police will damage property to blame it on protesters recently in Ireland we have seen how the police in America would leave piles of bricks near protests to encourage damage to be done to properties and in America political marchers which are clearly police pretending to be Nazis so our own governments and institutions are prepared to manipulate us to inflame social tension outside competitors like China Russia in the Middle East will surely do this to us personally I think the best thing we can do is grassroots movements to get the political elite out of power and essentially restart also we need to get rid of foreign in interests and lobbying groups out of our governments and I believe America should stop with the foreign Wars for some time until everything settles down International

America has been a great peacekeeper in the past but I believe it should step back its duties it’s not been compensated financially and you guys have your own problems to worry about now no southern border fentanyl a political elite which are incompetent and corrupt a lack of mental institutions at this a changing demographic if only white said voted your political discussion for people completely different if only white men had voted the entire political landscape since World War II the world would be a completely different place no mass migration no international forever Wars just look at the detail

On the note of misinformation controlled by the media or foreign governments the recent attacks in Ireland it was said the first man to step into stop the attacker was a Brazilian turns out that is not true it was an Irish guy called Warren with his mate Allen and one of their children were in the group being attacked it was the child’s birthday and the Brazilian man only took the knife once it had been disarmed from the attacker and run to the other side of the street also the Algerian attacker was recently arrested for possession of a knife and damaging property and last week a old Irish woman in her 50s or 60s was stabbed normally in Ireland the court will give out the attackers name or the press would give up details but it’s been covered up raping Ireland is up 60% since 2014 we know from the recent data from the Nordic countries that around 80% of rapes for committed by people called Mohammad doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots

Sweden has fallen, and Norway is not too far behind. The land is also being raped for corporate greed, and thus importing people contrary to our way of life is part of a strategic plan to sow discontent and chaos in order to weaken our state

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Based! Just think about how many people like Milie are getting elected due to Trump’s influence around the world?

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Pakistan deported over a million people recently where there’s a willl there’s a way even if you end up needing outside help is all part of the kalergi plan people need to understand what it is and push back

Roughly 20% of Sweden are non-swedish ethnically am I right I’m thinking that?

REMARKABLE! In his first act, newly sworn President of Argentina, Javier Milei, signs an executive order reducing the Argentine government from 21 Departments to 9. A major reduction of bureaucracy and overhead. Impressive.