Conservative Voices are Flocking to “Parler” as an alternative to Twitter

Looks like the exodus from “Twatter” is happening as this recent surge saw 1+million subscribers flock to the social media platform “Parler“ as a means to escape the blatant censorship being waged by “Twatter” on conservatives. I hope it continues as market share shrinks for all leftist media sites is the best revenge!

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Parler is straight garbage run by a grifter who will burn anyone that causes him problems. Stay far away from that shithole.



The parler meltdown happening on twitter is glorious. It looks as though John Matze (CEO) can’t answer basic TOS questions without essentially banning users :rofl:

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Parler is an elitist trap. Don’t fall for it folks.


Exactly, you can’t make fun of public figures. Sounds just like the blue checkmark snowflakes on Twatter. Next, Parler will allow them the option to block replies from peons so their delicate little fluttering hearts won’t have to be assaulted so viciously for being reminded they’re politically naked with back hair.

Parler is Twitter 2.0


This is great stuff!

Here is a question for all here and it’s a hypothetical one!

If you were to create a app similar to Twatter, what would your terms of service be?

Just read the TOS here. You are responsible for your content. That’s perfectly reasonable.

I’ve been playing around with Parler for a few days now and it is heavily moderated, as far as I can tell. They do not tolerate any sort of edgy comments. It’s basically full of word salads that commentators on Fox News would use to make a ■■■■■ point. I also think it’s a honey pot because it requires a phone number and it is totally walled off from the rest of the internet, meaning no one gets to see the conversations happening there unless you are logged in.


It wanted my cell phone number. Nope.


I went on a few days ago. I made it about 2 hours before getting banned. Parler is not a free speech site.


Parler is trash. I used a burner to make an account. If you have an account, go to your profile page, push the gear button, then Legal is on the left. Below is the User Agreement section 14.

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I’ve got an account there. It’s not terrible. I am not happy about the TOS but it’s a nice alternative to Twitter, which is just straight-up toxic anyway.

I always avoided GAB when neo nazi were so prominent…but I went back there and it was much better. No neo nazi popped up at me.

They also have a note say Parler gave 350,000 to Hillary. So I think GAB is the one to choose and the President is there.

I printed the Parler Community Guidelines, User Agreement, and Privacy Policy…

…read a few lines of each…

…said to myself, “Self, you a fool if you sign up!”

My Momma didn’t raise no fool!

" Come into my parlor ", said the spider to the fly …

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I am there. I left Twitter. Parler is really good and lots of famous people are there

Dinesh on Parler

Quite simple. You are responsible for your speech. My site wouldn’t regulate any speech. If you break the law, I would share your profile and contact information with the police along with a copy of the activity.

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The second it said “Mobile phone #” it was over.

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Provided the Police actually would do something. Lol!

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