Conservative Voices are Flocking to “Parler” as an alternative to Twitter

You’re both a couple of dopes. Big Time conservatives are on Parler, and Dan Bongino would not be invested in a nefarious enterprise.

I’m not signing up for squat that requires my phone number or other personal information. The people that just share information with all of these companies are the dolts. One of my favorite questions when we go out is “What’s your phone number?” It’s sometimes hilarious to watch the reaction when you refuse to give it.

So you don’t use those darn communist phone apps. Got it.

I don’t need companies tracking my ass. You go ahead and give them all the information you want. There are way too many stolen identities to just release information to anyone.


Get your identity stolen one time and you’ll be on my side. Keep that head in the sand though.

Fuck you!

Thank you very much.

Look, I am not saying it is cool to give out your phone number to every Tom, Dick and Harry, although phone numbers are not really the information that is used to steal identities by the way.

I am saying that once in a while it is okay if it is a reputable company. I am sure you give your phone number to your bank, right? And ANY app that does happen to be on your phone utilizes your phone number, right? And your phone carrier has your phone number, right? Hell, you give it out when you order a damn pizza on the phone.

I am just saying, Parler is partially owned by Dan Bongino and he is a good guy. Mark Levin was one of the first big names to get on it. It is a safe social media platform to join.

Fuck Parler.

Parler sucks.

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Thank you for that eloquent, informational contribution to the discussion.

There are places where there needs to be a level of trust. Social media isn’t one.