Conservative Christians and the Hijacking of American Politics

I truly believe that the religious right has attempted to hijack conservative American politics, I have decided that I am not only no longer fearful to be labeled an Atheist, but I’m also downright proud of it. I don’t need the fear of some fictional final retribution to live a good life. Nor does the promise of everlasting life on some cloud with a bunch of other followers intrigue me. I live by the golden rule, just because that’s how I want to live my life, not because I’m afraid of what will happen to me if I don’t.

Unfortunately, today’s Christian conservatives, especially the ones who try to shove their religion down everyone’s throat, are making a mockery of the religion they profess to adhere to. It’s become a club for good ol’ boys to feel superior to the rest of us mere mortals, who just want to live and let live. If Christianity is a club with members such as Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Randall Terry, Bill Frist, and others of their ilk *who accepted Donald Trump :rofl:) – then yes, I’m proud, damned proud, to opt out and call myself an Atheist. Good job Conservative Christians, you’ve shown me the light.

Take a good look here @filmknight! You might want to think twice about your reckless rant. Christians are merely fighting back at the onslaught placed upon them by folks like you. You call yourself “Atheist”, but I would bet one to a hundred that you are perfectly willing to let Muslims slowly infiltrate and establish their own “Religious Freedom” over others. If you are true to your word, then you should freely and loudly denounce Islam the same as you do Christianity! Do you have the balls?

I am Agnostic and have no affiliation with ANY religion. But I will always defend the rights of law-abiding Christians to practice as they wish. Please show me where any Christian has tried to shove anything down your throat! Multiculturalism, Black Lives Matter, Transgenderism, Radical Islam (religion of peace hypocrisy) and Climate Change are not Christian creations, and those things ARE being shoved down our throats and will not help your cause.

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@filmknight you are correct there is nothing wrong with Atheism or Atheists if that is how you want to live your life. You talk about Christians trying to push their religion down your throat, when Atheists try to push their anti-religion down everybody’s throat.

Christians don’t go and complain and sue when they see somebody wearing a “Religious” article because it offends them. Christians don’t go and sue, and complain when there is a religious event on public land. In fact, Atheists penalize Christians for doing these things but advocate for Muslims to be allowed to do it. This is completely inconsistent.

But then the Atheist comes a long and has to sue and complain about everything. Such as the word “God” in the pledge of allegiance and sue to have schools not be allowed to use it.

Atheists have effectively sued schools to not allow Children the right to practice their own Religion.

Atheists have filed suit against the Office of the President to preclude the Bible being used in official ceremonies.

Again these practices don’t affect you or anyone else in anyway. A child reading a bible does nothing to you, a President putting his hand on the bible does nothing to you. But yet Atheists want to destroy decades of tradition because somehow they are not mentally capable of allowing Christians to have their freedoms without being affected by it.

I have a few friends who are Atheist and they have no problem with people praying, or seeing a Cross. Because those things are not controlled by the Government, they are there by and for the people…the community.

The Liberals in the U.S. have allowed a false statement “Separation of Church and State” to get out of control and control things that it has no right doing. The U.S. has violated peoples rights by bending over backwards for Atheists, they have taken away the rights of people who believe in Jesus Christ. A cross on public land is not forcing the Atheist to believe in God, the Words in God We trust is not the government forcing Religion onto anybody.

But yet Atheists want to destroy tradition because they are unable to take offense to things.


Ah, out comes the old ‘climate change is unproven’ argument. You are either deliberately lying or wilfully ignorant. Scientists have mountains of evidence to prove that it is occurring. Satellites and ground measurements show conclusively that average temperatures are in fact rising. Type ‘glacial retreat climate change’ into Google images and learn something!

Atheism is the most destructive tendril of cultural Marxism besides feminism when it comes to destroying cultures. It is one of the root causes for the degeneracy and overall moral degradation we see today in western civilization.

It all stems from the fact that atheism is incompatible with moral universalism (i.e. objective morality), which makes it possible to morally rationalize any action (i.e. moral relativism), as can be seen with the LGBTQ movement. This acronym is constantly evolving (currently at LGBTQQIP2SAA if I’m not mistaken), and I believe it’s just a matter of time before pedophilia and bestiality are integrated as well (slippery slope).

I expect some people to challenge the notion that atheism is incompatible with moral universalism. I’ve had this debate before, and they usually resort to: “Empathy is in our biology. It’s a product of evolution that is innate in all humans.” The problem with this argument is that it begets the question: Whose “biology” are we talking about? Not everyone are empathetic about the same things. People seem to have different concepts of what is wrong and what isn’t. Who is right? What society? Not to mention that it’s irrational and quite frankly intellectually dishonest to assume that there is an ultimate standard of right and wrong that supersedes mere fanciful “ideas” about what is right and wrong at a given time in our ethical evolution (from an atheistic perspective).

I’m not saying that all atheists are amoral, but that has more to do with the intellectual cowardice, hypocrisy and inconsistent logic of atheists than it does with the moral strength of atheism.

Atheists proclaim to be intellectually superior and have an aptitude for logical and critical thinking, yet they fail to understand something so simple.

And in the end, without addressing over-population all the things we do are just an empty gesture delaying the inevitable.

When will you beat the drum of too many people on this little blue marble?

Humans evolved altruism because they are a social species. All functioning, well-adjusted human beings are wired to want to save the drowning man, and even take on varying degrees of risk to do so. He may be a poor swimmer but he may also be good at other things that benefit the tribe. On a macroscopic scale, helping each other has invariably improved our chances of survival and replication.

The selfish did not live long in the wild, and they certainly didn’t attract the opposite sex.

60 years ago I would have agreed with you @filmknight … 60 years ago I did agree with you even with my Southern Baptist upbringing… and 60 years ago this religious right created laws were taken to the Supreme Court and rightfully found to be unconstitutional. The argument today is trying to maintain a voice in the political debate. The religious right attempted to foist onto a secular government religious edict. That edict was about things that SHOULD be very much part of the debate today, but it is not. Tell me the last time you heard the words ‘Sanctity of Life’. The debate isn’t about upholding the essence of humanity… it’s about personal pleasure without responsibility.

@filmknight check this out…your atheist commie brethren were offended that a Tennessee Sheriff was sharing Christian biblical quotes on EASTER Facebook and filed a lawsuit. Atheists are nothing but immoral opportunists hell-bent on destroying the lives and ruining the reputations of Christians. The internet has become a giant safe space. Makes me sick.

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Let’s be honest. If it was a Muslim sheriff preaching the Quran on facebook, you “defenders” of religious freedom would be all over the guy.

You defend the right of a business to deny service based on their religion. But if it was a business owned by a Muslim not selling something to a unaccompanied woman, you same bible nuts would be having a fit.

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This is precisely what I was referring to. Typical atheists - always with an agenda.

You might be correct but it’s because Athiests/Leftists and Muslims are in a common cause together. They attack the true faith (Chrsitianity) and spare and defend false ones (Islam).

Athiests are anti-thiests. They are accomplices and useful idiots for the those who fight God and his religion, Christianity.

All mainstream religion was created as a set of rules to provide tribes a way to live together and defend the good of the tribe without killing each other. They soon learned there is strength in numbers so the mission was to spread their beliefs. Other religions were right behind. And it worked well providing community, safety, food, etc.

Over time written laws made established religion unnecessary except for a sense of community it provided, many of it tenets became outdated some deemed illegal, yet we protect the rights of those so desiring to continue to follow these superstitions and ceremonies.

I follow Buddha’s teachings believing there is no God, WE are all our own refuge we have everything we need within us to reach our potential and we alone succeed or fail. I believe our bodies are created from energy specifically electricity and when we die it is not much different than unplugging a toaster.

But the next significant difference between my kind and religions fanatics is no my feeling on any religion I support and will defend the right of anyone to practice their chosen legitimate religion.

As we see all the time and evidenced here the ignorance of those who demean other religions those are where the real threat comes from. Right here in our own country we can see people wishing to restrict Muslims the same way others restricted their beliefs throughout time.

Seems to me some of the best supporters of ALL religions are those of us who believe in none at all. We are the only ones who can look at this objectively.


Non-nihilistic atheists are the most deluded demographic in the first world. Literally all of their beliefs from materialism in the brain and finite existence make life objectively pointless. That whole argument about making a better place for others doesn’t make sense when the universe will eventually die from entropy so nothing matters and all ends up being forgotten. It seems like every other counter-argument I see just violates their whole belief system and begins to sound like theism. “We don’t know what happens there might be something.” I’m just going to say it, your beliefs say the brain is made from nothing but cells. These cells function off of nothing more than chemical reactions. There is nothing special about “you.”

I don’t think atheism is stupid just that atheism that tries to pretend anything matters is stupid.

We believe in making things better for others and for future generations is the right thing to do but also, as we learn how things work we can propagate the human race. We don’t need religion to do good. We have Natural Law which can be debated came before religion or was born BY religion. You can make a point both ways. Well, you would make a point one way and I would make the opposite point.

The thing is if something goes against your religion how could you reconcile supporting that? You really can’t right? Abortion, Gay Marriage, et al. That is quite a conflict. And an honest one for many religions.

For me I can easily focus on what is best for all concerned or if it is a religious question how can I protect the religion, ALL of them, while making sure the public or another religion is not made to be subservient to the other. Personally I strongly believe in defending the rights of ALL legitimate religions.

Just because we are “nothing but cells” does not mean we are not special. We all have intelligence the ability to think and to make choices, you might say God gave us “Free Will”.

I enjoyed your post, your opinion, your view, and the way you ended it. Well said. Thanks for writing that!

Every human being on Earth could be housed in an area the size of Texas in Levittown style housing. The rest of the Earth is then available for agriculture and manufacturing. There is no “over population” issue.

I find it interesting how some people argue against a God they adamantly proclaim does not exist. Isn’t that insane?
Everyone knows there is a Creator simply by looking at His creation. If one were to find a pocket watch on the beach, he would not believe it was created by the wind, surf and sand, yet a living cell is infinitely more complex than any timepiece.

Seems your title should be

“I hate Christian’s and conservatives”

You fit right in with the lunatic left

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First there was global cooling
That didn’t work so well
Then there was global warming
That didn’t work so well

Today we have climate change with the lunatic left willing to sacrifice the country and economy for their battle cry
Solar is the answer, no wind is the answer, no hydro is the answer, the world does little and encourages the left to do more so they benefit more
The reality is if there is warming and people are the cause, why aren’t you screaming about population control?
Anything less is just hyperbole and posturing from the real alarmists, the lunatic left.

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I find it much easier to shorten it to LGWTF - pretty much covers it anyway.