Congressman Invokes Civil War!

This is a public forum and, as such, I’m certain that posts here along with the persons IP address are monitored and noted by certain "deep state™ agencies.

Rep Armstrong totally eviscerates the entire impeachment narrative! Leaves Chuck looking like the toad that he is!

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No, we’re not, but as gawd damn much as red hat wingers talk about it and create threads about it, it’s certain that that’s what you want.

You also keep listening to GOPers in Congress who are attorneys and claim that they would happily defend Trump in court on his impeachable offense, failing to realize that a crime is not required, federalist 65 makes that abundantly clear.

And here’s what the GOPer Lindsey Graham said about impeachment back when he supported the process against an American president.

“You don’t even have to be convicted of a crime to lose your job in this constitutional republic if this body determines that your conduct as a public official is clearly out of bounds in your role,” the politician said. “Impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office.”

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Again, taking words out of context and not comprehending the greater meaning. What he means about the part already being in a civil war is we have been in a cultural civil war for quite some time! Also what part of “guns being used in the last phase of a civil war” do you not understand? Do you not have the capacity to think deeper within a philosophical thread of thought?

That is an irrelevant point! What Congressmen Armstrong is referring to is he will defend the President should the impeachment process reaches the trial phase which the President is entitled to legal representation. Please stop with this argument you clearly are cherry-picking by purposely leaving out the details and you are embarrassing yourself by making such arguments!

Not this time. Impeachment of Donald Trump is all about removal from office because he beat the bitch fair and square. The Dimwit Democrat Party developed plans to impeach Trump before he was inaugurated.

Refusal to accept election results undermines our government and our Constitution. (Guess who said that right before the election.)

There’s no way to measure the amount of money (taxpayer dollars) that the dimwit Democrat Party has wasted since the 2016 election.

Every goddamned Democrat in Washington DC should be voted out of office in 2020. Their propensity to vote in lockstep with their Dear Leaders, Pelosi and Schumer rather than in accordance with the desires of their own constituents is grounds for kicking their asses to the curb.

They are not representing the people that elected them to do so. They are promoting the interests of the demented Democrat Party.


Quit with the dishonest and hypocritical bs.

“Sen. Lindsey Graham and other congressional Republicans have slammed House Democrats for conducting their impeachment inquiry with depositions behind closed doors, but Republicans also used closed-door depositions during their impeachment inquiry of former President Bill Clinton two decades ago.

Then-Rep. Lindsey Graham, at a November 1998 news conference one day after Special Prosecutor Ken Starr publicly testified before the House Judiciary Committee, praised the Judiciary panel’s plans to hold depositions before conducting public hearings. Graham was a key Republican on the Judiciary Committee and was one of the House impeachment managers during the Senate trial that followed.”

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Spare us the fake indignation! You are making a fool out of yourself by contorting your pretzel logic just so you can appear to have levity in an argument you already lost! The mental gymnastics on display here by you is an epic train wreck!

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Like Lindsey Graham did when deposing witnesses behind closed doors at the beginning of the Clinton impeachment. Fuck the dishonesty and hypocrisy.

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That’s some mighty fine projection there. Both parties are guilty of this.

I think they’re representing the people who elected them just as much if not slightly more than GOP congress critters.

But then…this is just your opinion.

Much of what I write here is my opinion. I base my opinion on what I see happening and what I have seen in the past. I’m aware of the bell curve and its applicability to any large sample of anything whatsoever that is measurable.

Throughout my adult life, I have become increasingly interested in politics and the running of my favorite country…the USA.

It is my considered opinion that of the two major parties, the Republican Party and the Democrat Party, the Republicans (in general) have higher ethical and moral standards, lie less, are more interested in what’s good for the entire country than what’s good for the party, have a higher regard for constitutional law, military, LEOs, and protection of our unalienable rights and those rights guaranteed to each of us in our Bill of Rights.

However, as a direct result of the higher ethical and moral standards, the Republicans often come across as chickenshit wimps when confronted with verbal attacks…from any source. They’re too politically correct to be as vicious and deceptive as the Democrats.

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Dam Right. The Democratic Socialist JackAsses Have Betrayed The America People…Democratic Partyall of Them should be Impeached

Just for spite, I call it the Democrat Party.

That makes sense to me for two reasons:

A Republican is called a member of the Republican Party. (The party is not known as the Republicanish Party.)

Likewise, a Democrat should be called a member of the Democrat Party . (…not the Democratic Party…)

Often there is nothing democratic about it. It’s a dictatorship ruled by a senator and a representative…party leaders.

Incidentally, the word “democracy” does not appear in our Constitution. The USA was founded as a constitutional REPUBLIC.

“I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


Really? :face_with_monocle:

Senate Democrats vowed yesterday to wage an “aggressive” battle to keep witnesses off the floor and prevent any finding of presidential misconduct, while Republicans struggled among themselves over how to bring President Clinton’s impeachment trial to an appropriate end.

With the completion of the third and final prosecution deposition yesterday, the Senate trial resumes at 1 p.m. today amid deep partisan division over whether to hear any testimony. House Republican prosecutors said they plan to ask the Senate today to call witnesses to the chamber or, failing that, to allow them to show videotaped portions of this week’s private interviews with Monica S. Lewinsky and two Clinton advisers.

And that is how Trump became the President.

People want a prosperous country. That means border security, welfare reform, knuckling down on higher education standards. Ditching the asinine regulations that kill business and lowering corporate taxes so a company can make a profit here, employ people here not in some foreign country.

What we got shoved down our throats when Obama was President was ACA, a disaster, and a green light for globalism and social justice warriors.

When Trump was elected many Republicans threw him under the bus.

I’d be happy if ALL of the Republicans that threw him under the bus were voted out of office.

I’d also be happy if all of the Democrats who don’t start taking their heads out of their asses toting green deals, universal healthcare, free healthcare for illegals, etc. are booted out of office.

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Most of what I post here is opinion also but I try my best to provide a basis for my opinions.

I was never political until a few years after my retirement from the Army. The swiftboating of John Kerry saw me become something of an activist, something that goes against my nature.

I despise being lied to. There’s no good to come from lying plus it’s an insult to one’s intelligence. My absolute aversion to lies was a time bomb that was lit when my first boss in Vietnam came under fire from rear echelon mother fuckers, was drummed out of the Army for his criticisms of the general officers in theatre… moved to Australia and later returned to these United States of America.

Colonel Hackworth was spot on both with his tactics and criticisms.

I respectfully disagree on this, especially on matters of morality and ethics. The Democrats are not innocent by any stretch of the imagination but today’s GOP leadership is an empty shell of what the party used to be.

Interesting. This seems to be bass ackwards from reality. What you’re describing here is not Republicans, it’s Democrats. What leads you to your conclusions?

Hard to argue with these goals but the devil is in the details of policies and how to align the issues that need to be addressed with the costs/benefits of each program.

As an example Johnson & Johnson shareholders should receive a return on their investment. But not at the costs to society of addiction care and remediation for Oxycontin addicts.

How so? A good many people now have insurance and no longer rely on emergency care facilities that drive up costs for we who have insurance plans? I’m aware tht there are income requirement issues that need to be addressed, when will the GOP work with Democrats to do so?

The ACA would provide grater value if it had been implemented in it’s original form but that was a pretty big bite to dgrest back in 2010 so the ACA was watered down according to the wishes of the Insurance companies. Forger Medicare for ll…the ACA needs to be strengthened and reinforced to see the maximum cost containment and lowering of healthcare costs.

That is simply your opinion vs. mine.

Here lately it’s been:

  • Slick Willy Clinton
  • Bitchillary Clinton
  • Barack Hussein Obama
  • Chuckie Schumer
  • Nancy Pelosi
  • Adam Schiff
  • Jabba Desilijic Tiure Nadler
  • Eric Swalwell
  • Maxine Waters
  • AOC and the Squad

…I could go on and on…

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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Yes, I see that you ingest information a bit differently than I do.

Apparently there is no avenue for discussion with you, only arguing.

So I know you;ll not be aggrieved by my ignoring you?