Congress Will Pass DC Statehood

If I am correct this can not be ratified without 2/3 thirds states vote to ratify this monstrosity!

It takes an amendment to the Constitution under Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 and requires 2/3rds of the states, to ratify it. And 2/3ds of the states are not going to sign up for that. The Founders were visionary men, they saw people like this POS mayor coming.

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser told “Just the News” on Friday that she expects the Democrat-led Senate and House will vote in favor of statehood for the District of Columbia and send the bill to President Joe Biden’s desk, who has expressed support for D.C. statehood in the past.

“The nation’s capital, the federal enclave, continues to exist as the nation’s capital and everything outside of those new boundaries becomes the 51st state. Our congresswoman – we had our first successful vote on statehood in the House of Representatives last year. She reintroduced the bill. She has a record number of sponsors.”

“It is going to be reintroduced in the Senate in a couple of weeks, and we expect to have a favorable vote in the Senate as well, and then it goes to the president of the United States. We have made a big focus to President Biden to support D.C. statehood and make it part of his 100-day agenda.”

“Just like you, we pay the same federal taxes as every citizen of the fifty states of the U.S. expect we do not have two senators. We literally have no one to speak for us in the Senate. We have to have full representation.”

You can literally kiss the country good bye and forget about ever having a Republican ever winning the White House again if this is allowed!

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Fabulous bring it on …retrumpliCONS are losers anyway but it always is good
to have a ace in the hole…LOSERS

I’ve felt oppressed before by my god what he did the past 3 days is a feeling of hopelessness… America is over. I’m in a urban area about to get hit with ten thousand additional illegals every few weeks. They want to arrest me for supporting trump and daring to open my mouth. Scary times

It’s all by design to demoralise the base. I can’t imagine what Patriot is feeling these days that he is allowing this assmunching retarded cocksucker have free reign!

Dont despair friend. You are not alone!

Good for DC, I hope it passes. They’ve been getting the shaft since 1787

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Why not just advocate for communism as in a one party rules while your at it. That is essentially what you are advocating for. How retarded is that?

Better yet, let’s make every city in the US a separate state? According to your logic! :roll_eyes:

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With DC’s record of black mayors, it will be America’ s African state. Just as corrupt and have taxpayers pay for statue to " honor" Marion Berry.

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HIP HIP hurray you’re a lying crook just like your messiah trumputin
My hope is you go to jail get tied to bed and have your ass split open
every night maybe that will knock some sense in your brainless head’’’
Then you can come out get on your knees and beg for forgiveness
from the Dems for all the horrible things your party has done to our country…

a you’re a gaggle of losers…LOSERS AND DONNIE DID IT TO YA HAHAHAHAHA

Washington DC, with mainly just the federal buildings is a city state on it’s own with it’s own flag. There are three city states in the world that run the world. The other two cities are, London, the financial center of the world and the Vatican, the spiritual center of the world. Washington is the military center of the world. The powers that be will probably not allow statehood to happen.
The rest of the town should be annexed back to the state of Maryland.


The lack of statehood for the capital is enshrined in the Constitution. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the document reads, The Congress shall have Power To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District.

The founders worried that if the capital were to be a state, the members of the government would be unduly beholden to it. Madison envisioned that voting members of a D.C. state would be able to ‘insult’ or ‘interrupt’ the proceedings of government to get their way, simply by virtue of physical proximity to the halls of power.

No DC should not be a state and it’s unlikely 2/3rds of the states would ratify an amendment.


Thank you Louman for setting the record straight. This is a non partisan issue and anybody worth their salt irrespective how one votes should be able to see the folly in this theatre. Apparently some here are strictly being passive aggressive by expressing retarded sentiments in support of it but in reality it’s just bad for everyone if they succeeded in this insanity. As Alex said, if they want the representation of a state then being annexed by Maryland is a much realistic and reasonable solution.

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Guess you don’t quite understand why DC isn’t a state.

The capital was in Philadelphia and moved to DC so no state would have control over the capital of the country. Is that easier to understand?


Their plan is coming to fruition. Facism and Communism working hand in hand. Maybe that’s what they mean by “unity”?

Washington DC is approximately 68 square miles, while the constitutional restriction on the capital (seat of federal government) is 10 miles square. There is no reason that we cannot have both DC statehood and fulfill the constitutional mandate as well. The districts population exceeds that of two other states, and these residents are taxed without full representation. Last year the house passed a resolution that would give DC statehood. Of course we all know why republicans would oppose DC statehood…

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How does statehood for DC equate to fascism/communism :thinking:

Is it a state? Was it ever intended to be a state? The answer to those questions are an emphatic No, so why push the issue…that is the answer to your own question.


Yea let dc gain unequal influence , fascist much?

Wrecking balls will be a better solution for a city full of satanic symbols, crime and corruption and slums to boot.

Found a new capital somewhere else in the original 13 States.

Let DC return to its original state. Swamp.


The answer is if the people don’t like it, like everyone else, they can move.

That does not answer my question…:man_shrugging: