Congress rebukes Trump on Syrian troop withdrawal

I wonder how Trump responds to this. Lindsey Graham pulled his nose out of Trump’s ass and started raising hell. :flushed::flushed:

The measure passed in a 354-60 vote, with four lawmakers voting present. All 60 votes against the resolution came from Republicans

The House Dems are being pious with their concerns for the Kurds. Where is the concern for U.S. troops to be caught between the fighting of the Kurds and Turks.
The Dems don’t have a solution for the Kurds problem except to be against anything Trump does.


Of course our government wants to help a bunch of Marxist Kurds. Helping them further destabilizes the region.

Come on dude!!! More than 2/3rds of the Republicans including the top 3 voted for this and all you see is democrats. Want to at least make an attempt at hiding your bias??? :man_shrugging:

And what do you think about what Trump’s doing in NA, Yemen and now Saudi Arabia does for stability in the region. Poor feelings are hurt because Trump was rebuked. We already know that if Trump wanted to leave the troops and 3/4ths of congress wanted to pull them out, you’d still be carrying Trump’s water because he could commit murder in broad daylight on 5th ave and you’d still wear his red hat. :roll_eyes:

This was a knee jerk reaction by the Dems and most Repubs. The Kurds haven’t destabilized the area and lived relatively peacefully in Syria. What troops are there in Yemen? SA are showing they’re hardly capable of defeating the Hothis.Is that Trumps problem!!!
Why should we be involved anywhere without a clear exit plan??
My feelings aren’t hurt, only disappointment with the House. I am not ashamed to support President Trump.

This is going to backfire on all Dems and RINOs.


Wow - so the same Congress that has been crying about US involvement in Syria for years is now the same Congress that demands we stay involved in Syria… because Trump got us out.

@beadencup49 Trump is sending a few thousand troops to Saudi Arabia, and he vetoed a resolution passed by congress this year to end assistance to Saudi Arabia for their war in Yemen.

You too missed that 2/3rds of congressional Republicans, including the top 3 are supporters of this???

I didn’t miss that. They are only “supporters” when it’s convenient for them.

I thought you were all about ending our involvement in the Middle East. Seems like you are giddy as all get out over this like the rest of the partisan hacks in Congress.

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Congress never voted to send the military to Syria. It’s kind of odd that they are pulling this shit when Trump is pulling them out of Syria.

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Exactly! If congress really believes we should have our troops in Syria, they should vote for a declaration of war. But they won’t.

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Rand Paul trashes Linsey!

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Yo - your posts make no sense my dude. You bitch, bitch, bitch, on every thread about the every problem on the fucking planet being caused by the US being in the Middle East along with your usual sperging about DRUMPF! Then you get exactly what you are bitching about. A pullout from the craziest hotbed of bullshit in the Middle East right now…and you still bitch, bitch, bitch.


Ha! Exactly! Can you say hypocrite? The Democratic badge of honour!:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I am. And have already mentioned repeatedly elsewhere that I support Trump leaving Syria. Now I want him to leave Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Niger and anywhere else we’re at war without either UNSCR or congressional authorization.

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Not knowing whether Assad approved Turkey’s invasion,I see this as an act of war invading Syria’s Sovereign Territory

Monte says: “Iran and Russia are the only ones that were invited in, ALL the rest are belligerents including the US.”

Except there is a record here that says otherwise! Your duplicitous nature is already on display here! All too funny!

The troops in SA are probably thetr as a warning to Iran.

Agreed, Obama, having failed three times to secure a UNSCR went to congress for authorization to go in and they refused.

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