CONFERENCE FOR MEDIA FREEDOM.......Yes It's Laughable But Serious

In a week when the UK has found Tommy Robinson guilty of contempt for hurting the feelings of some muslim rapists whilst reporting outside Leeds Crown Court, London are today and tomorrow hosting “The Global Conference For Media Freedom” and I believe for starters RT were barred from attending.


Day 1:

  • transforming media development
  • launch of Joint Declaration on Freedom of Expression
  • trust in the media: the UK in focus
  • media freedom in the Americas: challenges and opportunities
  • media freedom in the Western Balkans and new ways of working
  • media ownership is media independence: a debate
  • regional mechanisms on the safety of journalists
  • under pressure: why public media matters
  • safety of female journalists
  • media donor event
  • innovation to end journalist murders
  • safety and protection of journalists 1: understanding the contemporary threats
  • supporting media freedom in challenging environments
  • protecting journalists in conflict zones in the Middle East and North Africa
  • international partnership for information and democracy
  • media freedom: journalists under threat

Day 2:

  • national statements
  • what is media freedom: why is it important?
  • what can governments do to increase media sustainability?
  • taking a stand: how we defend media freedom
  • regional session: laws, lies and liberty – the landscape of media freedom in South-East Asia
  • media freedom campaign: towards 2020 - sustaining the impact
  • navigating disinformation
  • safety and protection of journalists II: towards a shared solution
  • regional session: strengthening media freedom across the commonwealth
  • legal panel
  • religion and the media: telling the untold story
  • Eastern Europe and Central Asia: building an integrated support system for journalists facing hostile environments
  • press freedom, development and democracy in Africa
  • Council of Europe parliamentarian session


Haven’t been able to find a guest list but you can bet it will the worst perpetrators of bullshit including the good old reliable British Bullshit Company.

Global Conference for Media Freedom aka Self Licking Ice Cream Cone.

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Ahh what is good for “me” is not good for “the” double standard! Orwell is persistent in thoughts of many!

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RT is Putin’s propaganda channel it is not legitimate press.

The rest of your points are valid.

That may or may not be, it’s legitimacy as real press is just your opinion. They have as much legitimacy as the rest of the attendees in my opinion.

You can’t hide behind an event called Media Freedom and then ban press. Well,… of course you can and they did but it does illustrate what a sham it is.


No it isn’t, it’s a proven fact they are funded and directed by Russian intelligence.

They had to register as a Foreign Agent.

Oh please TWR don’t be so naive, all of the large media outlets are controlled by someone with an agenda. It’s up to the individual to decide if it contains bullshit or not. State owned or private they should still have a seat at a “Media Freedom Conference”.

Hell of an attempted monumental move of the bar.

They are not a legitimate media outlet they are Russian Gov’t Propagandists.

And WTF are the BBC ?

The equivalent of PBS in the US except completely commercialized.

It’s funny watching the promoters of the “fake news” mantra pointing to “fake news” sources when it supports their position…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

I don’t know what PBS is but the BBC is suppose to be a public service broadcaster not state owned or controlled but subject to royal charter which should ensure it’s impartiality but it doesn’t do what it says on the tin and no it isn’t commercialised it operates from a licence fee.

I would rather see RT there than the BBC to illustrate how stupid this conference is.

RT is unquestionbly and proven to be nothing bu Russian Gov’t Propaganda.

PBS is “The Public Broadcasting System”. Subsidized but not at all controlled by the gov’t. It is similar to the BBC, RT most certainly isn’t.

All BBC broadcasting in the US that I’ve ever seen has commercial advertisements.

The boss wolf deciding which other wolves can wear the sheep outfit.

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And that is exactly what the BBC is… no difference. It is commercial free here, that is it’s only salvation in that you don’t get extra bullshit with your bullshit.

It isn’t controlled by the gov’t nor is it gov’t propaganda. RT is.

Just how did you get to be such an authority on everything ?
No in theory it isn’t controlled by the government, I have already said that but it most certainly does do the leg work. It is extremely biased and even receives cash from the EU through it’s charity BBC Media Action.

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They may have a pro-Russia tilt but that’s no different than Fox News having a pro-Republican government tilt. RT does a great job of getting camera people to political protest events all over the world and live streaming it without commentary. No other outlet does that. To me, that’s what journalism is all about. Present me with the facts as they are and I will make a determination on my own.