College Conservatives Assaulted by Mob of Brown Racists, Cops Stand Around and Do Nothing

One of these days, somebody is gonna get killed at one of these campus meet-and-greets.


Not to fedpost but this system can’t remain. It’s literally hamstringing us while giving leftists free reign to do whatever.


I wonder if they had all started getting dey azzez beat as soon as they started acting up if they would have acted less like a pack of…

Watching that video reminded me of just how irrelevant Gender Studies and Wokeology is.

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“How many Blacks does it take to fold a table?”

Seriously, my blood starts boiling seeing this crap, it’s the reason why I stopped watching those videos after I got the point some years ago. I can’t imagine knowingly putting myself into those situations. Kudos to the guys, I guess.

So what’d you see in that video that gets your knickers in a knot?

What do you mean acting up? Did you see any “acting up” Did you see any foul play?

What state university is this??? That attention seeking Asshole giving the finger to the camera should have had his fingers broken. What a great display of his IQ.
This should not be tolerated at any university especially one that is supported by tax dollars.
Imagine doing this to black students. The NAACP and Al Charlatan would have protesters picketing the college presidents office and filing Federal Civil Rights lawsuits.

I saw uncivilized primates demanding to be treated like civilized human beings.

You are incivil, and don’t appreciate the first amendment. :man_shrugging:

Your posturing in this thread is yet another example of why your posting lacks any semblance of integrity.

Those people are pure trash and don’t belong in an institution of higher education.

Since when does anyone have the right to take your materials your signs and fold up your table when nothing of it belongs to them?

I’d imagine you post on this site because you’d like your voice heard? What exactly to you think is right about what they did and their behavior?


Would you define that as civilized behavior?

Another case of conservatives lacking the total ability to formulate any kind of intelligent response to some open criticism. They just stood there scared and waiting for the police to show up to protect them from words. A shining example of how conservatives are actually the ones that need safe spaces and to have their feelings protected :snowflake:

Listen Dyke, the conservatives didn’t want to be baited into a racial incident knowing of the negative PR it would have.
The press would be be all over them for being " Racist " if fights would have broken out.
Imagine if this school was in Alabama and this happened. What do you believe the results would have been.
The LIBERAL media has the backs of these BABOONS !!!

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Here…watch this and calm your nerves.

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Just sent you an invite for the #gc - nice post :hotsprings:

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Would you define Trump and his red hatters at any given rally as civilized? Because I surely would not.

Hey Jeff, Hope that wasn’t a Shemale!!!