🔴 Cohen lies....again....to Congress

Thread is not about Trump, as much as you would like it to be. Do you want to list the lies of Obama, Pelosi et al?

It is about Cohen. Given that he has been proven to be a liar, what didn’t he lie about today?

Pick one…

About Trumps knowledge of the Stormy payment?

About the Trump Moscow deal?

About Trump lying under oath about knowing Felix Sandler?

About Trump paying hush money while President?

Trump being a conman?

Which one again?

Cohen is back before the committee today. Thank God it is a closed door hearing!

Pro: We don’t have to watch…or listen.

Con: The libs can lie to us about what was said.

The dems hope to hear lies in order to push forward their impeachment shame .

what an unusual picture to display in this thread.

Elijah asked today…“Did you notice that not one Democrat mentioned the word impeachment?”

This is likely because they were instructed not to use the word…just as the whole committee was told what questions would be off limits.

Talk about an orchestrated effort!

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Can someone point out the lies that Cohen told? I’m still waiting…

…that Donald Trump is racist…for one.

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Interesting… that could be up for debate… birthism was flat out racist. But I’m not here to address that…

What did Cohen lie about yesterday in regards to Trump business dealings?

Knowing whether a person lies requires knowing intent, that they intended to deceive rather than just forgot. Nevertheless Cohen said several things which were dubious:

1 - Cohen said Trump asked him to lie about the Russia Tower dealings, even though Cohen explains that Trump didn’t directly ask him to lie about the Tower dealings. Instead Cohen inferred, but he insists this was Trump telling him to lie in his ‘own way’.

2 - Cohen said he didn’t want a job in the White House. The CNN panel said it was widely known Cohen did in fact want a job in the White House.

3 - Cohen said Trump had foreknowledge of the emails from wikileaks, because of a phone call from Roger Stone in July. In reality wikileaks had said the month earlier they had new information on Clinton, and that they had information from the DNC.

All of those errors could be lies, however they could also be lapses of memory.

…and I’m not here to banter with an idiot like you. Questioning someone’s claim as to where they were born is independent of race. You seem to equate questioning the integrity of a black man with racism.

You are absolutely not worth the effort it takes to type.



What was different about Obama that made his birth place and issue… hmmmmmm

Hold it for awhile longer.

Ummm… his biographer wrote in a pamphlet that Obama reviewed and was sent to bookstores that he was born in Kenya. His grandmother said he was born in Kenya. Then both changed their story.

Is that different enough?

Bullshit. There is nothing at all racist about insisting a President be eligible for the office. Was it racist when people questioned McCain’s eligibility? You know it was such a pressing question congress felt the need to weigh in on the issue with a resolution saying he was right?

Chiefly having a foreign born father. What made McCain different was his birth outside the US.

Birtherism was about HIS place of birth… not his fathers. Birthers thought he was born in Kenya.