🔴 Cohen lies....again....to Congress

This stupid bastard just doesn’t know when to quit!

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Michael Cohen’s been punished for lying to congress before. Why bring him back? Why bring back an uncredible witness to testify about a crime that didn’t occur?

That’s an unusual way to say someone told you to ‘lie’.

He has to lie. Libs will burn him alive if he doesn’t.

What was his lie again?

About Trumps knowledge of the Stormy payment?

About the Trump Moscow deal?

About Trump lying under oath about knowing Felix Sandler?

About Trump paying hush money while President?

Which one again?

Anyone who says “Trump’s a bum” will naturally have unquestioned credibility

You might want to check with the rest of the shills over at CNN. Your wife’s son may have seen it so you can also ask him about it - or watch the vid below.

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I really love that the stupidity and arrogance of the Dems questioning Cohen is making their followers walk away from them! Good!

Walking away? Looks like they are running toward him. Cohen has been flanked by Clinton fixer Lanny Davis all day. Democrats are naturally drawn to Cohen, he is lying and so they feel like he is one of them.

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Cohen accused Trump of everything but the JonBenet Ramsey murder. The depth of depravity has no bounds

But, who will question Cohen about Felix Sater?

To take away from the coverage of the second summit with Kim Jong-Un. The Democrat Party is full of Trump haters.

Sad thing is the best moment was when Jim Jordan called this bullshit hearing out for exactly what it is. This speech should be everywhere tonight, but it won’t be.

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Poor Little Michael Cohen was crying at the end of Elijah Cummings emotional bullshit closing speech.

I hope Little Michael gets corn holed in prison…'til his ass swells up like a baboon’s!


Da graydiss giff we cud gib dis cuntray.

Yep - that’s what we all have to deal with forever now thanks to boomer cucks and their equality bullshit. They got to live in a white country and fucked it up for the rest of us. That’s why we have to listen to Elijah Cummings speak.

To Congress.

Now he is their star witness.

Digging at the bottom of the barrel so hard is ruining some manicures.

What did he lie about today?

Since he is a proven liar, what didn’t he lie about?

So is Trump…

What specifically did he lie about today?