CNN’s Jim Acosta mocked for accidentally proving that border walls work


Can’t make this stuff up folks!

Is it any surprise that there are no illegals trying to breach the wall? Is Acosta really that stupid?


That’s because there is a wall there Jim…LOL.




I would expect wall supporters to use Acosta’s video to make the case for the wall.


All Jim Acosta needs have is a white cane and a seeing-eye dog. He could declare himself legally blind…and live off the taxpayers for the rest of his life!


And to think he’s best and brightest they have over at CNN. :rofl:



what is the heart button mentioned in the 20char message?


I’m sure it made sense to Jim when he planned this little skit.




so basically a longer emoji?


He is the gift that keeps on giving. :triumph:


What I find funny is that libs seems to worship him…even thou Acosta makes em all look bad.

Go figure.


That was too funny. :rofl:


Thanks Jim…where there are walls, there’s peace and no illegal alien invaders. Who’d have thunk it? Great! Got it.


Trump trolled Acosta hard on Twitter.


Look!! It’s so tranquil here on this side of the wall.



I wonder if this was before or after Kellyanne handed Jim his ass at the WH?



Know WALL, know peace.

No WALL, no peace.

Where the heck is Bob Marley when you need him?



Still wandering around in a green fog most likely.

Where’s the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” emoticon when you need one?


Nah mon, he’s pushin’ up daises.


And he’s still probably walking around in the same green fog. He was so pickled by the time he died it may be decades before he realizes that he has!