Climate change strikes again

Big snow in May.

Winter storm warnings have been issued in different parts of Colorado with big snow about to fall in the state.

One warning lasts from 3PM Wednesday to 6AM on Friday in the San Juan Mountain area including places like Telluride, Ouray, Lake City, and Silverton with 10 to 20 inches of snow expected to fall. The most snow is expected during nighttime hours on Wednesday and Thursday with heaviest snowfall occurring at more than 9,000 feet of elevation.

Another winter storm warning goes into effect from noon on Wednesday until 6PM on Thursday in the central mountains, with impacted areas including places like Breckenridge, Berthoud Pass, Indian Peaks, and the Eisenhower Tunnel. Any time weather is set to hit this region, traffic delays can be anticipated. Drive with caution. The warning states that 8 to 16 inches of snow is expected.

Winter weather advisories have also been posted in other parts of the state during the same time range, stretching to include towns like Rifle, Aspen, Vail, and the foothills outside of Denver. See the full warning listing here.

When the melting ice turns earth into Waterworld, the man who can swim will be king.


Global Cooling Warming Climate Change

Yeah… Global climate change !!


Doesn’t Colorado get snow in June, especially up in the high mountains?
If so, it has snowed for many years - if not, since the planet evolved before humans were around.
So what if the temps have been dropping 3 degrees below normal every year doesn’t mean it is “climate” change. JMO

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Snowing right now, Highlands Ranch, elevation 5400’ south of Denver.

Lived in Park County. On the 4th of July one year it was 60 degrees. A front moved in and the tmp dropped to 30 deg and it began snowing. 15 minutes later it was 60 again. elevation was 9200’.

Got a speeding warning there once.

Up in the mountains? Lol

Unless you were speeding down the mountain…I can understand.

Nifty little towns in the mountains. Many famous for handing out speeding tickets as you pass through.

Alma, a pit stop at best with 1 local policeman that hands out tickets.
Fairplay, Buena Vista both the sam.

Nice country though. Was in Leadville for high altitude helicopter tests. Drove all around every afternoon after work.

Leadville’s a great area in the summer time. A bit cold and snowy in the winter months which tend to last 5 months sometimes longer.

Grand Junction is the worst when it comes to speed traps!

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I love all the nifty rd light and stop sign cameras.

It does help with the finances of the cities.

Well that in of itself is just getting to a point of crossing a line where LEO and Municipalities are getting too aggressive in their collection rackets and are abusing their power.

It snows all the time in Alaska, upper parts of Canada and the Arctic.
Ok, so the glaciers are melting at times. But not at the point, that it is actually a climate disaster. The earth is evolving as it has been since the beginning of time.

Yes, the temps around the world are different from many years ago. Does that mean the sun is going away from the earth? From what I read and heard (offline), it is the opposite.

Am I wrong?

One has to ask:
If pool cause climate change whee’s the effort to slow the worlds population growth? Anything else is but a band aid on an arterial wound.

In that case…start with China. I don’t mean “us”. I mean, that China is the leader in trying to destroy the planet and they have the most populated place on the planet.

So I’ve been told, that it is “ok” for China to pollute as they are an emerging economy, according to leftists’ logic. But we (the UK) have to make all the effort to reduce our carbon output. We are 0.5% of the world’s population FFS. Virtual signalling gone mad. Look at the Extinction Rebellion protesters we had in London lately where they superglued various parts of their bare anatomy to things. The biggest joke is we tolerate that.

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Strangely enough, libs say the problem is the chemical that humans create when they breathe.

Self loathing liberals have identified the culprit… our very breath. Anyone surprised?

We topped 7 billion and 10 billion isn’t far away.

Something has to change and green energy isn’t the answer.

China’s people are smaller. So they have a smaller carbon footprint.