Climate Change, do people really care?

Yes, but there is a net loss.

Sure they do. Just like the outlets on your wall produce electricity.

By the way, a water faucet is a particular kind of tap. All taps do not produce water only water faucets do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree. Reducing waste and conservation of resources is wise regardless of any secondary effect that may be occurring from consumption of resources.

And totally ignored by the left as the cause of heating

You mean … no global warming ! ?

No, I mean you would still be cooling the core of the planet.

…and if the core is being cooled to the (possible) point of solidification then there can be no ‘global warming’ :wink:

Good Lord. That is an amazing post.

Global warming (or cooling) is on the surface. The core has been cooling from the beginning.

And your heat pump is making it cool faster. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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If the world ends, it isn’t going to be because of man made climate change.

It is unfortunate that so much is spent on “global warming” when we have a big trash heap in our ocean killing ocean critters big and small.

There are things we can do today to make a difference that is real and the expenses are justified. Who in their right mind wouldn’t cheer a global effort to clean up the trash heap in the ocean?

It’s also a shame that some people are so brainwashed they think conservatives actually want to pollute the environment. The truth of the matter is we want clean air air and clean water just as much as anyone else does.

The difference is we believe the private sector can do a much better job then waiting for big daddy government to take care of it.

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Not giving up my paper towels. However, it would be VERY cool to throw them all in a bin, “wash them” and remake them.

…but are you taking deeper breaths? :joy:

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:rofl: Right?

The illegals drank all of our water. :rofl:

Yep, gotta go see Juan, he is storing 150 gallons of water in a camel hump he grew.

I thought only Chevron were going deep enough to make any difference.

Go look up the costs of ending world hunger, getting everyone on the planet access to clean drinking water and basic medicine, all far cheaper than addressing global warming. Solve those first, in terms of human suffering they are far more important, then we can talk about global warming.

There is nothing we can do about global warming or cooling. It is caused by variation in the output from the Sun, and/or cosmic dust clouds passing through the solar system.

Occasionally a rather large rock hits the earth and disrupts things for a few years.

Battery powered tools require batteries and recharging of same. Manufacturing of batteries requires energy. Recharging of batteries requires energy. Energy transfers to recharge batteries are less than 100% efficient. (That is: It takes more energy to recharge a battery than the energy you will get out of it.)

Where do you think the recharging energy comes from? Unless you are using solar rechargers, the energy is not free…and it takes energy to manufacture solar panels and all that is necessary to make them work.

I am open to the idea that our green house gas emissions are warming the planet. But we have more pressing problems from a human perspective. Crippling our economy certainly isn’t the answer, only rich countries can afford to worry about the environment, if you don’t believe that, simply take a look around the world.

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I don’t believe in global warming, at least as a man made phenomenon, nor do I believe it is one we can control if the earth is warming.

Ergo, I’d much rather talk about things we can do and things we can address that have real meaning and impact on our and our children’s lives.

I agree, battery-powered tools are garbage. I had a B&D trimmer with a battery that only lasted for 20 minutes and the batteries degraded badly after a year, the only choice I had is to trash it and buy a corded one, replacement batteries are ridiculously expensive, they cost more than the new trimmer.