Climate Change, do people really care?

Social media is buzzing about climate change. Democrats can’t seem to talk enough about it. News Media loves to debate it. You can’t even drink a cup of coffee at work in peace, someone always has to bring it up.

But, do all of these people that worry about climate change really give a rats ass? I’m of the opinion they care more about talking about it than doing something about it.

Take for example some of these Politicians. Senator Harris, for example, lives in a 5,000 sq foot home owns 3 cars and flies back and forth from CA to DC almost every week. You never hear her talk about what she is personally doing to combat climate change.

Bernie Sanders, he owns three homes, flies around the countryside giving his speeches and you don’t see him driving around in an electric car. In fact, not one of these climate change gurus is doing a thing personally to combat climate change. Some of them are the worst offenders.

What’s worse are all of these people supporting these Politicians that are doing very little if anything to combat climate change. Ask them next time you have the opportunity. All you hear is a bunch of nonsense with nothing substantial. Not everyone. Every once in a while you come across someone that has their heart into it. But they are far and few between.

So, for those of you that think the World is going to end because of climate change, what are you doing to combat it?

Republican voters will remain firm science deniers until unforgiving realities such as their once-dependable water faucets failing to produce water any longer. Some of them will still ignore science and blame it on the “illegals” coming across the border and drinking all of our water. It’s always fascinating to me how visionary President Jimmy Carter had it so right in the '70s. Democrats are still trying to catch up to Carter’s understanding and insights on saving the planet from four decades ago.

That’s great but what are you doing?

I am breathing more slowly.

There is plenty of evidence that mankind is polluting the planet, but there is absolutely no evidence that any climate change is down to anything that mankind is doing.

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Cool… You are voting democrat and channeling Jimmy Carter to combat “climate change”. :rofl:

Think I am going geothermal for the new house I am buying when it’s aging heat pump gives out. Doesn’t have much to do with climate change though. I just like cheap heat. And I can afford the steep up front costs.

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People who use geothermal heating for their homes are contributing to the early demise of virtually all life on the planet. When the temperature of the earth drops sufficiently to solidify the core, the magnetosphere will go away and and the surface will then bear the full brunt of the solar wind.


That’s a bunch of horse crap! Typical liberal talking point is to blame Republicans for being science deniers when’s it’s already proven that there is no proof that there is a man made threat to the planet! If you guys want to put your money where mouth is start with the many products you currently have in your household that says “made in China”! You are just as guilty to contributing to the great climate hoax’ Until the environmentalists such as you start practicing what you preach you don’t have a leg to stand on in convincing the ones your so busy alienating and vilifying as your adversaries when it’s you that needs to start looking in the mirror!

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Proof please. Just one will do. What is a water faucet? Do you mean a tap? Taps don’t produce water. Did you really believe they did?

But I’ll be dumping heat back in during the summer won’t I?


The government has two very effective tools in their tool box. Tax Credits and Tax Increases. They use these tools to motivate people into doing something that the government wants done.

For example the tax credits on electric cars. Purchase one and the government will reward you with a Tax Credit.

When Tax Credits don’t achieve the goals then the Government will simply penalize you by increasing your taxes. Example, The Gas Guzzler Tax.

Like I wrote in the OP, there are a lot of people that think climate change is all doom and gloom, however few of them are doing anything about it. They are waiting like good sheep for the government to tell them what to do. Or, force them into abiding by the demands of the government. There are just enough of them that enables these climate change politicians to continue beating the drums.

So, if you are one of those that think climate change is all doom and gloom why aren’t you doing your part?


Firm science deniers?

Are you one of the people from the not so recent past claiming the beginning of a new ice age based on science???

Were you a science denier then?

Or is this different??

Doing nothing but labeling and calling names to address the issue.

Ok superstar, what are you doing?

Are you working to address the root cause, over population, more people more pollution?

Are you working with any 3rd world country that has an exploding population?

Or are you advocating destroying all industry in the US in the name of putting a band aid on an arterial wound??

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I don’t think the world is going to end anytime soon because of climate change. However I am very cognizant of my carbon footprint and I consciously seek to minimize it.

I’m a certifiable tree hugger, but I’m not an activist. I’m surrounded by nature in my modest abode. I have energy efficient appliances and energy efficient mechanicals. My wife and I each drive a fuel efficient car. I have battery powered garden tools - including my battery powered lawn mower. I recycle religiously.

I’m betting my carbon footprint is pretty small.


and this is a big but……………………….

It is a choice I made. Me. Myself.

Each person should be free to make their own choice. The government has no business making that choice for me or for anyone else. That is the bottom line.

Ah, but you’re wrong, 12 years from now we are toast. So says the bartender.



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Well, friends and foes a lot of the solutions for combating climate change are right in front of our noses. However, most would never take advantage. The government focuses on the complex issues the real solutions are quite simple.

Take something very simple as a disposable paper towel. Did you know America is the paper towel capital of the World? We as consumers use more paper towels than five of the other top Countries combined.

American consumers use 3,000 tons of paper towels annually. That’s 110 million trees per year, and 130 billion gallons of water used to produce these disposable towels. That’s approx. 355.14 trillion individual paper towels per year.

Each towel has a carbon footprint of approx. 7.75 grams, the impact of paper towels is 2,752 trillion grams, or 2.752 M tons of CO2 equivalent.

In other words, each paper towel weighing only 2 grams contributes 7.75 grams of CO2!! The waste from the resources, manufacture, packaging, transportation, and waste creates more greenhouse gases by weight than the paper itself by almost 4 times!!

Just by reducing our usage by half would have a huge positive impact on reducing greenhouse gases. But that’s too easy so few would ever consider it and even more, would be outraged just thinking about giving up their paper towels.

The only solution is less people on this planet.

Birth control a number one priority yet no one talks about it.

Birth control helps with the issue of abortion as well…

Sex education, health services for young men and women, etc…all important stuff.