CIA Releases Bizarre Files on Lost Ancient Human Civilization

This is some weird stuff right here. We’ve discussed pre-historic advanced civilizations on this forum, and now we have some more (sanitized) material to mull over. What are y’all’s thoughts on this?

Video presentation by Jimmy at Bright Insight:

Whatever they’re handing out, you can rest assured it’s not even a tenth of what the government has on it. Remember that $21 trillion that was “lost” by the Pentagon right before 9/11? Knock, knock.

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The release is heavily sanitized. There’s something like 80% of the pages removed before the release. That’s even fishier than the content of the PDF files.


I know what I’d do with the 90k+ owed to every person in my family. lol

I’m still waiting for the JFK assassination stuff to be declassified. Shouldn’t be long. All the key players are almost dead and gone.

Don’t worry. They’re only releasing this stuff to prepare for the propaganda blitzkrieg that’s going to be dropping in a few years. The next threat to National Security won’t be from the middle East, but rather outer space. Bank on it. The people must be controlled at all costs. If more people knew what the government was actually hiding, there would be open revolt. Some people in the know have said the “shadow government” (the people behind Roswell, Area 51, etc. etc.) have been withholding technology from the public that would have advanced our civilation by almost a century at least. It’s all connected and the people who are really running the show and have been for the last 300 years or so want to keep the rest of us dependant on them. Until we’re no longer needed anyway.

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Here is the PDF.

CIA-RDP79B00752A000300070001-8.pdf (2.2 MB)

It’s just a scan of an old book. There are two pages of receipts in there for things like a garden sprinkler and a hole saw kit. This is nothing.

Agreed, but I don’t bother trying to tell people that mercury is key to electromagnetic lift, or that by removing a single proton will turn it to gold. Everyone is too preoccupied with the “news”.

Me personally, I’m simply interested in our actual human history, and how Lucifer is nothing more than a comet turned metaphor.

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I thought Jarod Diamond helped answered those questions with his books “Gun Gerns and Steel” and “Collapse”?

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His books were published in the 90’s and 2000’s, but the one in the link was published in '65 and was classified by the CIA, then heavily sanitized before being declassified. :thinking:

Well I was more referring to the questions in your OP

“A recently declassified document discussed the topic of lost ancient human civilizations, and cataclysms that occurred on earth thousands of years ago – causing them to vanish from the earth and without explanation”

According Jarrod that the reason why a lot of civilizations have vanished was due to lack of food source, severe climate change that affected farming, and war.

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I agree that all these played a pivotal role, but I’m also of the persuasion that it was all triggered by the celestial impact (Burckle Crater) in the Indian Ocean just a couple of generations before the rise of Sumeria, and before that, by Comet Encke/Lucifer (Hiawatha Crater in Greenland) ~13,000 years ago just before the rise of agriculture as we know it.

Both events would have collapsed civilization and were deadly enough to cause amnesia in the species.

How does such events cause amnesia in the species? Meaning it is a lost recording over time when it is passed down by another generation?

Back in the early 2000’s I was obsessed with visiting ruins. I spent a lot time in Northern New Mexico and traveled as far as Peru. I still want to visit Easter Island, and Chile, but my point is there is something there that was appearing to me as sort of a deja vu but couldn’t pin my finger on it, as if I was was there before. The same thing happened to me in Yellowstone as well. So I can agree with you about humans having a restart due to some sort of cataclysmic event. There are things that are unexplained such as the advanced mathematics that went into building the pyramids, paintings of spaceships, and the advance knowledge of the Mayans when it came to astronomy. All very fascinating stuff still! So in a broader narrative there are still secrets.

Jarrod Diamond’s premise of course makes a lot of sense to me when you learn more about the Inca’s, Anastasi, Hohokam’s, Huichol’s, the Hopi’s and how vastly different they were, but he theorized that the Aztecs and the Myan’s migrated north into the South Western part of the United States where they found human feces that confirmed cannibalism, and human remains with shaved teeth that confirmed this migration.

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The event could easily get lost within a few generations of a hunter-gatherer society because they don’t record things in writing, and based on the location of the craters, all of the “advanced” civilizations of Eurasia and North America would have been the most severely impacted, explaining why the best historical references we have (as a starting point in investigating) are based in religious mythology, and also why the further north we go, the less megalithic ruins there are to be found.

An interesting field of study is the idea that memories (especially ones resulting from trauma) can be passed down through genetics. And speaking of genetics, there have been publications showing that South American mummies have Australian Aboriginal DNA. King Tut was a Ginger for crying out loud! lol

These studies also reveal how devastating these events were, in that we need this much advanced technology just to start remembering where and when people actually come from.

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That is very interesting to read your words on this.

It reminds me of a Netflix series called “Altered Carbon”. I wonder if it is possible to have genetic memory recall?

I have been getting into the art of “Chi Gung” which its premise is based on manipulating energy. This one video called “The Origins of Man” turned me on to it.

Your narrative here is revived something in me that I want to continue pursuing now!

It would seem there is a “reset” built into civilizations. Perhaps we grow faster than we can adapt?

What would be recovered of our civilization given the dependence upon electronics?

Moreover, what would be lost to our civilization given a reset and no access to electronics?

If a worldwide EMP went off tomorrow, 90% of the world’s population would die off in a matter of weeks be it via starvation, dehydration, or simply freezing to death. Most people don’t have the skills necessary to survive without electricity for longer than a few days at most. Think about what happens when the power goes out for more than a few hours.

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Katrina comes to mind.


Personally I have believed for a long time that the evidence is extremely strong showing that global, advanced civilizations have risen and fallen many times in the past and that the most likely reasons behind this are celestial impacts.

When a civilization has risen to the level we’re at where the bulk of human knowledge is stored electronically or on paper, both mediums that can be destroyed quickly and easily in a short span of time any such impact is going to have a “reset” effect.

As others have noted very few people could survive for more than a few weeks at most absent a reliable electric grid.

Just look at how quickly global populations have exploded since reliable electric power has become the norm.

We also have to remember that a major meteor or comet strike especially in our oceans can cause an instant radical change in the climate globally and those effects can last thousands of years.

While it’s still not “mainstream” thinking the geological evidence that the Sphinx and some of the pyramids predate what we think of as the ancient Egyptian empire.

Also there are more and more artifacts being discovered that seem to be completely “out of time” like the “London Hammer” which call into question everything we’ve been taught to believe about just how old we are as a race and whether or not the existence of prior advanced societies did indeed exist in the past.


Imagine hundreds of Katrinas going on at the same time following a huge meteor strike in the open ocean or at one of the poles.

I have a really old book, and it’s a best seller.

The Truth is in it, because he authored it.

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