Here’s your own man CC he said on ABC Tv there was no election fraud in evan
one state.let alown 4 states and to say so is ridicules


Well… Chris Christy. Nuff said. :roll_eyes:

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Yes a typical retrumpliCON. answer…no matter what trumputin has done
he’s always right and if any republican say trumputins wrong he’s a liar
a turn coat and has been bought out…that’s exactly why your fukin
party is out of power and has LOST EVERYTHING!!!trump is a con man+!!!


See… Christy has never been a Republican. He is, and always has been, a RINO.


Really he stood on his head for trump for 4 years until trumputin
called for insurrection and the storming of the capital building and
the killings trumputin is responsible for…Ya you’re just another
trumputin apologist…you are a pile of hypocrites

He has history as a turncoat. No Republican thinks he’s a Republican.


I don’t think you know what you are talking about when you say
"NO republican thinks he’s a republican…that’s not possible and
that’s a fact!!!

There are growing groups of republicans that are no longer buying
into the trump thing.and more are leaving you daily and there will
come a time not to distant trump will turn into a needless place to
go…and too tiring to discuss…forward not backward…facts only

Prove it


Hey dufus your numbers are all made up but you can keep playing your violin
over and over and over again but it will have no more impact than it does now
no one agrees with you any more… trump is gone and fewer and fewer give a
shit…trumps is a shit con man and now we know he isn’t even that…
one of the suckers that got sucked in SUCKER LOSER!!

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More fake news!!! You have a piece of paper…that’s it what the hell stop the presses jitss617
has a piece of paper…did you hear that this dufus has a piece of paper not a court order a piece of paper not a judges ruling just a piece of paper…kinda like you’re a PIECE OF SHIT liar huh

If you haven’t noticed the trend with retrumplicans, they dismiss any Republican that doesn’t blow Trump, so they are marginalizing themselves as the country moves forward with the Biden administration and the rebuilding (better) of the country so damaged by the biggest amateur ever to occupy the White House…:man_shrugging:

This is even richer. No one is going to buy what Romney is selling! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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There are some good candidates to follow Trump.

Christie isn’t one.

I like Blackburn and Desantis.

As far as the election…fate handed it to Sleepy Joe for a reason. Had Trump won…the antiTrump philosophy and virus avengers would have done irreparable damage.

We can fix what Sleepy Joe or Kamala can do.

Not sure I follow.

As far as DeSantis, he is an excellent example why Governor races are extremely important to win. After what we just witnessed in Georgia, this is beginning to be a serious crisis that is only going to get worse. But clearly its obvious that DeSantis ran a very smooth operation in Florida during the elections with no issues. Funny how that works out.

Candidates that I like so far is Josh Hawley, Tulsi Gabbard, (She should run as a Repub)

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I want Tulsi to replace Donna Brazile on FOX.

I think had Trump won…The civil unrest would have been genuinely catastrophic.

We are going to be better off cooling the antiTrump fever. I don’t understand it at all.

Also…had Trump won. the Covid avengers would have never stopped killing the economy.

I am not sure I agree with that, that is if you believe election fraud occurred. I actually think if we continue on our current trajectory with Big tech moving our government toward totalitarianism then things are going to get worse. I am not sure people are willing to accept election fraud and think somehow we get back to civility with a illegitimate President.

BTW, I do believe election fraud to the likes we have never seen before did occur. Just so I am clear you know where I stand on that issue. I have seen some evidence on the issue so there is no doubt in my mind what took place.

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Problem is that it is not possible to find and prove the fraud with the mail in ballots in a reasonable amount of time.

PLUS the argument that more people participate is a tough one to counter. Voter ID is a reasonable expectation and we can’t get this done.

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The mail in ballot is one thing and for the most part I am in agreement on that. However, its issues like broken custody, Unconstitutional state violations like Pennsylvannia, Georgia, Michigan and WI in order to nullify Republican electors is and was the problem.

The bigger issue for me is Dominion and the electronic voter machines. Its where the majority of the fraud occurred and the adjudication process of the voter machines is extremely vulnerable to not only to manipulation but the issue of internet connections that the machines have where votes can easily be manipulated by over seas servers. That has already been proven to be true by some credible experts who found wide anomalies in the states in question. Then there are other issues such as monitoring and using the COVID crisis as an excuse to bar election monitors from watching the counting process.

The problem with mail in voting is there was no comprehensive system put into place by the states in question to insure the integrity of the votes themselves and countless witnesses have gone on record stating various egregious violations regarding how those votes were tabulated.

The numbers simply don’t add up. Are we to believe that Joe Biden was more popular than Obama when he last ran which garnered 57 million votes, and that turn out for him was more in US history ever? Yeah, sorry I have a hard time believing that. Not too mention when the counting stopped at the same time by all 5 states seems a little too coincidental for me to accept as being that. We also can see where votes where being changed on live broadcast but for some reason no one wants to talk about that, Crazy I know, but its all there for everyone to see. Once its seen, it can not be unseen.

Well, something has to happen to insure elections are secure, fair and honest, because our country is founded on that one basic right, and once trust in that is gone, its over.

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