China Seizes Advantage in South China Sea over The US

This bit of news is two fold in many ways. As China see’s US being weakened by the corona virus and the recent news of the Navy removing a commanding officer from the USS Theodore Roosevelt exacerbates those optics.

Next the press conference by General Milley is an interesting one. If you listen carefully to his tone, his body language you will notice its both intense and discerning which says that something more serious is at play, and it is directed at China.

Linked Article on the Drug war confrontation with South American drug Cartels is connected.

On the surface the effort to deploy naval assets to the Caribbean and southern pacific is justified based on intelligence drug cartels will exploit the coronavirus pandemic to ship more narcotics into the U.S.

However, in the bigger picture there’s also a likelihood the CCP would work with their allies in Central American regimes to further weaken the U.S. during a time of increased vulnerability.

In times of war, or severe geopolitical confrontation, exploiting a vulnerability is a common strategy. Therefore it’s a smart and prudent geopolitical move for President Trump and U.S. military to take very aggressive action against the cartels and their communist sympathizers. There’s more going on here than appears on the surface.

Admitted or not we are at war with the Red Dragon. Chairman Xi is cunning and strategic; President Trump is countering. Keep watching…

Sounds like a backdoor message to China.

I hope like hell this doesn’t escalate into a war.

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I don’t know, but its very concerning when you think about what is currently shifting on the chess board. What is more is this virus has severely affected our military by weakening it. So what I am seeing currently is that Trump (Team) are trying to put out one fire while fight another. We need to get our health back soon!

We live in interesting times.

We most certainly do! It is getting intense!

All our enemies see us weaker than we’ve been since WWI right now due to the political upheaval of impeachment and the virus.

Trump is the man for the times though because he will not allow anyone to take advantage of it.

China is acting out of desperation themselves to cover for the millions lost in the outbreak they can’t cover up and because of their own loss of GDP.

You’re closer than we are. Just how bad do you think this has really hit them internally?

This is getting close to making a real war out of the WOD’s.

If we’d done this as soon as the soviet union dissolved while we still had the cold war resources available the WOD would have been over in 3 months.

Its pretty quiet here, but a lot of businesses have been shutting down here as a result of no Chinese Nationals walking the streets. Its really hard to tell just how desperate they are right now.

They’ve been making anyone leaking info about the outbreak disappear which tells me they probaly haven’t reported even 10% of the actual deaths much less the extent of the economic damage.

Personally, conspiracy theories aside, I think they intentionally let it spread to the rest of the world because of just how much it has hurt them.

This brings the entire world’s economy down essentially to the same level of harm to allow them to then recover ahead of the rest of us and suck up even more of the world’s manufacturing while the rest of the world goes through a severe recession if not depression.

Theory being in the end they end up 2x as powerful economically as compared to the pre outbreak world.


I’ve never trusted the Communist Chinese government. They’re patient, cunning and test our governments patience. They haven 't deviated from their plan of world dominance and opened many fronts on their political war against the U.S… Our Asian allies especially Australia appear to be intimidated by them.It appears their strategy is similar to our island hopping in WWII.
I hope they don’t create a naval incident with us which would have serious consequences.


They also think in decades where we think in terms of days and weeks and in centuries where we think in months or years.

Do you think a military conflict with China is inevitable? Technically we are already are, but I am talking about in the future where things get worse?

That is an interesting theory, especially if you take into consideration their “China 2025” mantra.

This virus is the perfect storm to move such assets. If I going to Guess the US Long term strategy here, their focus is to steer away from the South China Sea focus and start to pay attention to South America and trade. On the economic front this would make more sense while still playing a supportive role to our allies in the pacific but in a more revised strategy. The objective with South America being the renewed focus is two fold. 1. To drive out the communists of China and Russia out by developing a more broader trade pact that includes both continents as a bigger trading zone that would be bigger than the EU. 2. Developing economies in South America would also improve life for the ordinary people fleeing to the US thus solving the illegal immigration problem. Pushing out China and Russia from SA is both a logistical and security issue that would be a major win.

Maybe there is reason why Pompeo has been active on this front recently?

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No, I think eventually unless we reset the clock with something such as I have proposed to crush China economically, eventually the democrats will be in power and simply surrender to them.

Bring all critical manufacturing back to the US, and as much as possible then to our own hemisphere through an Western Hemisphere Economic Cooperative.

No country or combination of countries on earth could match us either militarily or economically.

We have an available work force of 500-750 million and the largest share of natural and agricultural resources on the planet.

Imagine how many of our own problems we’d solve with this? The entire hemisphere would enjoy an even higher standard of living and per capita shares of GDP than the US and Canada do today.

We replace the drug trade and most of the desire to use with good paying jobs with great benefits in legal industries.

Illegal immigration from the south would end completely even without securing the border.

Socialism and Communism would no longer exist from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

Find a hole in the logic if you can.

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I am hoping there is a successor to Trump to buy enough time to fix things to the point they can’t fk it up like Obama did. If not the country as know it will be finished.

To me that is the smarter longer term strategy to secure Americans future and to not cede to China’s expansionistic ambitions. It would be a win win for every one.

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Here we go!