China - competitor, or opponent?


This is an excellent read in terms of the strategy regarding China and their long used proxy of North Korea. Interesting perspective!


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Your articles repeatedly state that growth has slowed, not that it has reversed.


China’s population is more than 200,000,000 larger than India’s and population growth in India is also slowing.

For someone who claims expertise in this area you’re next to clueless.


Life can be sustained on the Moon as well, substantial water has been discovered there.

It can be mined and processed for both fuel and water production to maintain a colony there.

Perhaps there’s a topic somewhere you actually know something about? This one is failing you terribly.


What the fuck are you talking about fucktard? I was not talking about the moon! You seem to fail miserably in every post! Proving once again your reading comprehension skills is seriously lacking in a major way! Try again!


Reading comprehension is really not you strong suit is it? Your trying to prop up your argument by using such false equivalencies? Seriously it is you that is really embarrassing yourself! No where did I compare population sizes in my comments! Try again and actually read carefully this time instead of trying to put words in my mouth!


Listen I know it’s hard for you to keep up, but retracting and reversal are not the same! Do you want to start over or will your oversized ego not allow it? Yet you just proved once again how disingenuous your presentation is here not to mention how clueless you are! You should stop now you are really embarrassing yourself! I rest my case!


We are talking about the far side of the moon, the side that we can never see from earth which holds mystical significance, maybe. So hold your horses. Why hasn’t America been there?

If you are an alien visiting earth you would want to dock out of view and the far side of the moon is the logical place. It is possible that we have been visited by intelligent lifeforms from farther reaches of the universe. If you travel at the speed of light, time stands still so close to the speed of light, time will slow down considerably. You will also have infinite mass at the speed of light but I’m not sure how that figures. It is called fold up space, so if aliens had the means to travel near the speed of light, they could cover many light years in a short space of time, to them. The catch is it would be a one way ticket, because if they were to return, the world they knew would no longer exist. Hence rumour or legend has it that there are wreckages of alien craft on the dark side of the moon. So are the Chinese now trying to steal alien technology? Makes you wonder why they chose to visit the far side. But of course, we will never know.


I am not sure why, but for all we know they could have been there and we just don’t know about it. I think your premise is interesting and would like to continue this conversation, but perhaps in another thread?

Are the Chinese looking for Alien tech? Who knows, I seriously doubt it, but stranger things have happened, so I am not discounting that possibility out entirely.


That is a misleading graph. The Y-axis was chosen to exaggerate the changes. The Y axis should go from ZERO (not 6.3) to 7.

This graph makes it like as if a change from 6.8 to 6.4 is a a big deal - visually it looks like that is a loss of 75%!! But it’s not. It’s less than 10%.


China’s real GDP is not 6.6% and hasnt been what the Chinese report for many years.


Lol. Why aren’t you calling me a conspiracy nutjob?


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It is not as far fetched as some other conspiracy theories out there, besides this is something beyond our reach and is something that is currently in progress.


There are some good things too! There are signs up saying that people should hold open doors for those following behind (just like what most well-mannered occidentals do). I guess their social score will go down if they don’t…

The Chinese invented gunpowder circa 700AD, it was not weaponized for another 200 years. The Chinese also invented earthquake-proof wooden structural joints, about 600 years ago IIRC.

So they finally realised there is a world outside China … that happened with Marco Polo


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India, which the latter is another emerging economy that will no doubt rival China in terms of work force based on population growth.


Right, all those moon missions launched in secret that no earth based gov’t or telescope could detect. … .

At some point you should quit. You passed that point long ago.


Retraction = negative growth.