China - competitor, or opponent?


Like I said reading comprehension is not your strong suit! I rest my case and once again thanks for proving my point! Can’t invent your kind of stupid!



Blah. blah. blah! You don’t even know how to read! All that public education you received and this is the best you got? How original! Go back to bed Old Man! Your using antiquated language!



You have yet to provide anything to support your claims and the “language” I’m using is what you find in the current dictionaries.

You’ve been making a fool of yourself post after post and lashing out like a petulant spoiled child when called on your BS.

Grow up and get over yourself.



What part of leading economists contradict your views do you not understand? I provided plenty of material to support my argument, your just too busy wanting to suck Chinese dick! Most of your arguments is based on 100% speculation and you think you are smarter for doing so? Please! If anybody is making a fool of themselves it is you. Here I will tell you why!

You are basing your arguments on latest GDP numbers, when most of the leading economists in the world know that China regularly lies or cooks its books for the purpose of keeping a positive outlook for satisfying its own domestic narrative of positive growth. The fact that you either can’t see this or maybe because you can’t let go of this issue because you have no idea what your talking about, your ego won’t allow you to acknowledge this as a fact, so you double down on your stupidity by trying use false equivalencies in order to save face.

Here is another example: You equate "a Retracting economy with reversal when in fact a slowing economy for two months or more means that the economy is in a retraction, yet you insist it was me who used the word "reversal in my arguments when in fact I did not. This is further proof you are unable to understand economic terms in relation to what the actual numbers say. You simply ignore context and regularly cherry pick statements of mine in order to practice not only a disingenuous narrative but you regularly have this need to prop up your confirmation bias without looking at the totality of what I said.

There was no BS you called out. I am correct and you are wrong! Your just too pig headed to acknowledge that Economics and knowing the actual numbers is something you are no adept at nor a subject matter expert at, when leading economists contradict everything you say. So go ahead with your bullshit, when most intelligent people here would tend to agree with my premise over yours. I will allow others here to say otherwise and gladly welcome any criticism to prove me wrong, something you haven’t been able to do.

Here is your premise:

China is going to be the most powerful economy in the world. (Pure speculative bullshit)

China can successfully invade and take over the United States (More speculative bullshit on your part)

China has more advanced Military weapons than the US and is going to be the most advanced Military in the world. (More speculative bullshit)

Go ahead pull out the bullshit internet links and use the GDP argument, when everyone knows that China is a master at propaganda. I think I will listen to the experts first than some old man smelling his own farts while sitting in his chair at home surfing the internet for content in order to look smart.

I proved my point, you haven’t therefore its is you that looks like the giant ass here! Like I said before, stick with what you actually know, you might look less of an idiot for doing so!



Good lord man read your own citations. “Slowing” is not “retracting”.

Growth has slowed, it is not negative.

You’ve buried yourself in your own BS and just can’t quit.



Not disagreeing with you, but a lot of good those Earthquake-proof wooden structures did when the great Earthquake hit Sichuan a few years ago recently.

Also a lot of things like paper currency and the printing press, and other concepts of commerce was actually invented by Ghangis Khan not the Chinese. Furthermore, Marco Polo was more influenced by Mongolian culture as he was a guest and confidant to Kublai Khan when visiting Asia where things like Architecture, clothing, among other things had more influence than Chinese culture at the time.

Lastly, just so I am clear on my narrative regarding the Chinese, I don’t blame Chinese people, as I have many, many friends from mainland China as I have lived there for a considerable amount of time. Its the Communist Party that I blame mostly for what I detest in terms of Forced Technology transfer, the blatant theft of our (USA and Britain) tech, Forced acquisitions, the theft of our Military secrets, their Lobbying efforts etc., etc. There is more, but I am sure you are aware of this, and to me this is of great cause for concern something I am hoping Trump is addressing. Also to be fair, most of what is happening in relation to our trade dispute with China is most due to our own Political class who sought to enrich themselves thus creating the problem that we are currently trying to correct.



Now you’re just resorting to lies. I never said China’s military is more advanced than ours.

Once they develop an expeditionary capability they are more than capable of a land invasion of N. America through the southern route. That isn’t even arguable.

I don’t know where your supposed expertise is but is sure as hell isn’t in China’s growth or military capability much less military strategic thinking.

There isn’t a respected economist anywhere in the world that doesn’t predict China’s becoming the world’s largest economy, the only question is exactly how long it will take them to get there. Every prediction I’m seeing says they will be there in the next 10-15 years with 20 being the outside.

Every Intel/Military group on the planet recognizes China’s rush to modernize and expand their military and particularly alarming is the development of expeditionary capability.

You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about so just quit.



Chinese government supresses free thinking, and without that there’s no innovation. Where’s a Chinese Steve Jobs or at least Elon Musk? Their ideology is basically “work and die”. We do have an edge over them in that regard, but thanks to libs we won’t enjoy it much longer.

A good worker is a live worker. Free to live — and work! A bad worker is a dead worker; and vice versa. Don’t be a bad worker; bad workers are slaves, and dead. Payday for good workers has been postponed indefinitely. Payday for bad workers is cancelled!

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Communism discourages anyone from excelling in the ranks, even more so than labor unions.



Sorry, I should have been more explicit…




…and there was me thinking it was William Caxton



… Jack Ma



He is rich, but not original. All he did is copy Amazon. No different from Russian Yandex (Google) or VK (Facebook) for example.



I stop buying the newspaper after Larson and Watterson retired. After that the paper wasn’t worth buying IMO.

For those that don’t know who Watterson was…he was creator of Calvin and Hobbes.



Jeff started selling books online, Jack started a business-to-business trading venue.

Granted that they all look similar today.



That’s racist. :open_mouth:

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