Chicago is Going to be the Lightning Rod for Summer Unrest!

Summmer and warmer weather is fast approaching and with that also means increased activity of BLM, ANTIFA and basic unrest from unsavory characters who are looking for an excuse to riot.

With that being said, this story should worry everyone, not to be dismissed because its Chicago, but for the simple reason if people are allowed to punk the Police force then Law and Order will take a back seat to protecting lawful citizens across the country. Remember when Trump said he would consider sending a National force to Chicago to help clean-up the city’s unprecedented homicide rates? Well he may have to revisit that issue if this is allowed to continue.

This is a rather disturbing story to read.

Add to that all of the rage over the Smollett case and the city is primed to explode.

I hate to say it but I won’t be the least bit surprised if some white nationalist or group thereof doesn’t decide a little payback is due either.

If he’s found in a bloody lump somewhere it’ll be well deserved but it will certainly end up triggering massive racial unrest to go along with everything else.

The chances of a stand down or “Blue Flu” by the PD if the city starts to come apart at the seams I’d say is pretty high as well as angry as they are right now.

The Justice Dept and Post office need to get into Chi Town ASAP and dig up whatever they can and get the case unsealed.

It turns out the elected DA that supposedly had recused herself from the case due to conflicts didn’t in fact disassociate herself from the case and dictated the outcome.

Add Obstruction of Justice and Malfeasance to her resume’, arrest her ass and put her in prison.

The Judge who accepted the “settlement” needs to be held to account as well.


It is a pretty sad state of affairs when cops can’t make an arrest. No community support and being used as a punching bag by politicians for doing their job.

I’d very much be in favor of Trump sending in a clean up crew. Get the criminals out of the neighborhoods and into prison. Let’s see their swagger when they are unarmed and behind bars.

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Ahh yeah, the summer of LOOTING !!! :roll_eyes:

Its not just sad, its pretty terrifying to consider what can and is likely to unfold.

IMO, it is almost with a certainty that Trump is going to carry out his threat of shutting down the southern border. What happens next is Chicago will be the staging ground to create a diversion from this issue. It will work both ways and Obama and his people will not doubt try to ramp things up with some sort of false flag in order to light the fuse. This of course while Trump is dealing with the Border crisis while Democrats use the media to attack him, the national guard most likely will have to be called up by the Governor of the state and institute some sort of Martial law to try get things under control. This is my guess, and yes I could be wrong, but this story only highlights how powerless the police are in maintaining law and order and thus could spell bigger problems for the city in weeks to come. The Smollet case and the corruption surrounding it is only a microcosm how corrupt the entire city government is, and the Police dept is being caught in the middle. This problem is not going to be solved by Chicago officials, and mind you they just elected a new Mayor that is months away if not days and weeks from taking office. This entire city is a giant powder keg waiting to be set off, much like Detroit was in the 60’s, or LA Watts.

I hope he does. Didn’t we give Mexico billions for this very reason? Wasn’t that just recently and what did that buy us? Mexico “warning” that the motherload of a caravan is headed our way?

If there are people like me out there, I couldn’t care less about Obama, his cronies or their false flags. Bring in the National Guard. It is high time the pandering to stops, the laws get enforced and anyone who stands in the way of it goes to jail.

Good, maybe it needs to be set off so we can kick the asses of the Chicago officials who live with their heads up each other’s collective asses.

I swear, the United States has become a carpet that anyone thinks they can walk all over thanks to pandering to the liberals and the MSM. I for one, am sick and tired of it. I have to live by the laws and by God so should everyone else.

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Whenever I hear “false flag” I default to “conspiracy nutt/kook” in my thinking.

I used to believe in the false flag theory because some things imply looked on their face to be too convenient. In reality in a country this size with 320,000,000 people in it and our open borders there will always be ample numbers of nutts and just flat evil bastards committing crimes for the media to find the desired examples and focus hard on them.

Don’t get sucked into that kind of thinking, it isn’t healthy and can lead you to some very dark places.

SEIU /La Raza/mecha / GLAAD / NOW /Code Pink / CAIR / BLM /… Street Rabble are gonna get someone killed (Again)

Well, considering the level they ramped it all up to pre and post Trum’s Election with the disappointment over the Mueller report you know those groups are going to get even crazier as the 2020 election cycle kicks into full gear.

Barring an economic crash I think Trump’s exoneration pretty well guarantees his reelection and when they realize that likelihood while it may all start in Chicago I expect to see cities burning across the country from the convention on if not before.

It’s easy for there to be on rest in Chicago. It’s a town controlled by Democrats with incredibly strict gun laws. We all know what that means…only the bad guys have guns and the cops won’t do anything to stop them.

I won’t complain when the violent pets of leftists burn down the city the leftists inhabit.

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Yeah you are right! I just can’t help that there are dark sinister forces at work and the connections to Obama and the corrupt history of Chicago has me going there to entertain the possibility there is something a foot. You have to admit the nefarious connections to Smollet is too uncanny to ignore!


Oh god! Don’t be giving away free advertising Larry! Ha ha!

Love the dog rubbing its paws part!

Don’t you think it is time to start talking about and shining a huge spot light on George Sorors? Why isn’t the president ever talking about him?

No one ever talks about him in the media yet he has his hands in everything the left does.

That is what I am saying! I am actually rather confounded by this, because there is already proof that he is behind a lot of the NGO’s in Europe that was funding the migrant crisis there, and there is a very good reason why certain countries like Hungary for example banned his NGO’s. So this needs to be looked at more judiciously! I also heard his name pop up in relation to the Smollet fiasco. On the latter, I am not sure if that as a rumor or if there was any truth to that.

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It’s takes a special kind of Stupid to loot and riot in your own community.

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Keep in mind Chicago is perfect city…a test bed so to speak. How do you get authoritarian regime in power? How can you create a police state? Anarchy and unrest is prefect tools to promote that authoritarian regime.

IMO Trump needs to step back from Chicago and allow it to unfold. But you and I both know the media will be all over it demanding Trump to do something.

And thus down he slippery slope we go.

BTW…good topic Manhattan.

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I am not sure about your premise while plausible is a bit conflicting to me. I certainly am not one to be promoting civil unrest and hoping it happens, but just as I pointed out the reasons why it may happen in this OP is that the Police there are being left out to dry by the politicians in that city. Mind you this is the same city that produced Al Capone, and the ST Valentines day Massacre and the “Windy City” stigma so its not like the city can escape its past.

The problem with riots and anarcky it promote authoritarianism…when the people demand goverment to do something whether it’s local or federal in this case federal because because police will walk away because local goverment stripped them of their powers and thus Chicago will demand federal goverment to do something.