Can Anybody Help me with a Question?

I am helping a young lawyer with a difficult surveillance question. I have spent hours on the computer and cannot get to first base even though the facts are verifiable.
Facts> Client was in his front yard when he noticed a tent like structure hidden in the bushes. Neighbors saw the same but thought nothing of it. Client was being photographed by a specialized camera (like an ALPR). When he went inside, in that short period of time, the tent vanished. For the past month afterwards he has been followed everywhere he has gone. He even drove to a secluded farm on the back roads and observed two unusual vehicles on the dirt roads near the farm a few hours later (no one around there drives an expensive MB station wagon). His body is being tracked either by satitlite or LORAN.Does anyone know the name of this type of surveillance? Countermeasures?

I have a vague idea, but could you help me with the following?

How did Client know he was being photographed?
Shutter sound?

How unusual?

How did he find out?

I am familiar with LORAN. Which only either Government or private hired contractors seem to have the resources to afford such a system. Unfortunately the only counter measures is getting to the root as why the client is being surveillance in the first place or simply doing away with all electronic devices that are able to track you, if such said client is undr such intense scrutiny and is looking to escape to a place of unknown origin.

The tent had a small window almost at its peak
No one in this rural area owns this type or car with out of state tags
It is only a logical conclusion.It is as though he has a transponder in his pocket.He is very street wise and spots these people easily because usually they dress out of local fashion and always smoking.Please any help!

Yes he is under investigation for immigration violations/felonies.His home is totally under surveillance, including WIFI in house voice recognition.

Well, in that case there is not much he can do unless he decided to go totally underground and off the grid.

How does he know that?

Is as though he has a transponder in his pocket! He cannot go anywhere without a van following.They are using FLIR technology for night time observations.To further this problem,an expensive stealth helicopter flies over about 8 to10 per week. I surmise that because of lack of two independent agents actually viewing him at different times, they cannot procure a search warrant.
All I am seeking is information, which no person seems to know.

Whoever you are talking about does not have black helicopters following them. If the government were going to utilize that type of resource the person in question would have already been snatched up in the dead of night.

This is a very conservative area ,Federal Judges act on evidence not guess work.

Or by cell phone?..

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No he has not used one in years, neither any direct computer sessions

Something is bugged on him. If one really wanted to evade detection, it can be done, the question is just how desperate is he to want to go through with it?

We have checked that angle with a debugging expert.The only explanation he could give us,is that a readable algorithm has been assigned to his body mass which tags him when he leaves his farm, readable by sensors on tall structures or by satellite. I have spent a month trying to solve this riddle, no luck!

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Well it depends on what his objective is. Does he want to disappear forever or evade detection when he goes to the store?

option 1â€ĻI hope it is a good suggestion!

Then he has to have a plan in place first. How much cash does he have on hand? He has to prepare himself to have no more contact with friends or family either. First he needs some kind of decoy!

Thanks for the tip>Here is a book I wrote about the entire subject matter.

Sounds like this guy being followed by helicopters and being listened to by voice recognition through his WiFi needs to go back on his meds.

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