California Man gets 5 years in Prison for Harassing Parkland School shooting victims

This is a case that I have been following for a while to see if there were any constitutional issues surrounding privacy ones. In conclusion, this cyber bully got what he deserved after the details of the case started to emerge and clearly could set precedent for future cases like this in particular when addressing ANTIFA members who do the same sort of thing to try to intimidate Trump supporters online. This should be a shot across the bow sort of speak for these types of cyber-stalking cases.

A California man was sentenced Monday to more than five years in prison for using multiple Instagram accounts to harass the survivors and families of students killed in the Parkland shooting massacre.

Brandon Fleury, 22, of Santa Ana, was convicted by a jury in October of three counts of cyberstalking and one count of transmitting a kidnapping threat.

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Sound like there should be thousands of TDS turds sentenced too !

This seems like a pretty harsh prison sentence for someone who is just a jerk online. I think it’s wrong that people are getting put in jail for making statements and comments that are offensive to other people. is he threatened to kidnap someone then I get that… but it didn’t actually happen. I don’t know…this seems way out of hand.

You aren’t allowed to say mean things to people online now. Especially to crisis actors who want to take away your rights.

Alot of these people start out like this and then follow through on the threats. These people are MENTALLY UNSTABLE to take delight in the dead of a child or any family member .
He needs " Electro Shock Therapy " in a special chair.

I don’t disagree with you that this young man is mentally disturbed, but throwing him in prison is not exactly the right type of treatment.

I also bristle at the idea that someone is being denied their freedom for period of 5 years for saying crazy things online. If any of you have ever been on Twitter and dealt with the far leftists that inhabit that space you will know for worst things are said and nothing ever gets done about it.

Charges include a kidnapping threat.

This was more than just being a jerk.

This was more than just “saying mean things”.

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What I don’t see in the stories about this is any attempt to exercise tools like restraining orders.

Seems to me that violation of a restraining order would have added gravitas to the charges.

Maybe victims did this. (I hope they did.) But nothing in articles I’ve seen indicate it.

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Yes you are right, but when one makes death threats and uses references with pics of Ted Bundy how much gravitas is needed to recognise the danger he represented? This also was in the state of California mind you where such measures wouldn’t have been used in cases like these.

Would you feel the same way if he made those threats in public while not hiding behind an online anonymous persona?

Here we go with feelings again. Who gives a fuck how people feel? That’s not a reason to throw someone on jail.

That doesn’t answer the question so stop trying to conflate this to be about feelings! If you make death threats in public, what do think will happen?

People do it all the time and nothing happens so what is your point? It’s a figure of speech. Saying to someone “I’m so mad I could kill you right now” shouldn’t result in going to prison for 5 years. That’s retarded. Damn what happened to this country? So many bootlickers now.

No you are conflating here! If someone says “I am going to kill you,” and continues with the threats you better believe you are going to be charged. You should read further about this case because obviously you are missing the part about how he repeatedly made threats over a period of time. This wasn’t a case of a isolated incident.

I read it. He was trolling like an asshole. I don’t agree with it. I just don’t think it should be something someone goes to jail for in the land of the free. He didn’t act on his words.

It doesn’t matter if he didn’t act on his words, he was stopped before he could therefore he is being held accountable for his actions.

Now if you are going to argue about the sentencing and the time he got, his mental health issues, then you might have a legitimate gripe.

I honestly think in a case like this he should be placed under house arrest with an ankle monitor. No computers or phones that will stream media. Twice a week counseling sessions and an evaluation for any medications he may need to be on.

I’m not sure I agree with prison. However, threatening to kidnap may justify that sentence.

If you dig further into the article it was a Federal Ft. Lauderdale, FL court that convicted him.

So you support living in some kind of Minority Report world…where the government puts people in prison for thought crimes and for saying offensive things. I guess that’s not a slippery slope for you at all. And we wonder why this country is absolutely wrecked.

The article says convicted in a Federal court of cyber stalking and threatening to kidnap, which must be Federal crimes.

I think the threatening to kidnap was the big one.

Yeah you are right and was blinded by the headline of “California” man,” my oversight of course! :sob:

Even worse though and being familiar with Florida law, Cyber Stalking is a crime that usually is taken more seriously than other states having first hand experience in Sanford over 15 years ago in a case I was involved with.