California is Dying

Taken from a regular guy who has lived in California all his life shares his perspective why California is dying. Pretty interesting perspective from a ordinary resident who shares what is it is like to live in California as a conservative!


That was an excellent video. I almost didn’t watch it because it was over 20 minutes but I’m glad that I did. It’s really terrible to watch someone go through that mentally. They essentially are making the decision to abandon their home because others have ruined the environment. Absolutely terrible and what’s been done to California will be a permanent stain on this great nation.

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There are very few good places left. In the areas that are peaceful and tranquil the drugs are out of control. In some of the smaller cities the crime and homelessness is out of control. Illegals are everywhere and they keep spreading out further and further into the country. Our schools are a mess and only getting worse. This guy will see an improvement upon leaving California, but that improvement isn’t going to be as drastic as he thinks.

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Yeah I had the same trepidation of making it through the entire video but I was compelled to keep watching as he was sharing his views on his perspective on what it is like as a conservative to live in California, the more he kept talking the more I wanted to watch. If I had to move I would be pretty pissed off, but he is putting his family first hence he did mention the education system is now 49th in the country? Holy crap! California used to be known as one of the top states for public education, but I guess with all the third world crap being flushed up from Mexico and other places, California is the new catch drain for all the south American raw sewage that has really ruined public education in the state.

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And they love it. Must be nice to be a part of the wealthy ruling elite that can destroy the lives of the common American like this for the feels, while you send your own kids to private school.

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That video is pure right-wing clickbait. California does have some challenges but they aren’t as bad as this individual was making them out to be. California is a wonderful place to raise a child and our schools are amazing!

Really? You do realize that California is rated 49th in the country for schools? Hmm yeah that is so wonderful even for brain dead liberals like you!

37th overall - just amazing, Republicans are to bl- oh wait Dems have run CA from #1 to #37 - they’re so very proud of it!

I know what the problem here is. Back when California was mainly white and Reagan was in charge the schools were considered to be the best…but then one day… more and more brown people moved to the state with their families and all of the White people got scared, so they ran away or put their kids in private schools. Students learning a new language don’t test as well on standardized tests as kids who were born here. That doesn’t make new English language learners any less smart. This poor perfoming school crap is a myth. The real problem is racist white people who don’t want their kids going to school with brown people.

Yeah OK! We hear the same partisan nonsense and it its clearly obvious you love making excuses instead of being honest about the facts! Thanks for playing!

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Thank you for confirming that ethnic homogeneity among European peoples is a net positive for society.

for no reason at all…

Spare me the flapdoodle, kid. I taught in the ‘Inland Empire’ for 15 years - you know nothing about how things changed.

Yep human waves of “brown people” flooded the state. They were actively discouraged from assimilation- becoming ‘vendidos’, by both Aztlan idiots, and Democrat pols… For 25 years or more they didn’t assimilate, they didn’t respect female teachers, they didn’t put forth effort in education.

Very few, very rich Caucasians put their kids into private schools because they are far too expensive.

ESL kids come in many colors and cultures, at our school they learned English, but the majority purposely failed the ELD testing so they could stay with their homies and speak Spanish all day. I taught English (PC=Language Arts) and I knew all the ESL teachers, they told me what went on- oh, and those ELD students who were not Mexican (Central American, Asian) - were typically ostracized, sometimes violently.

Because Dems have trouble patronizing when enforcing actual standards, they gave up and gave in. Subject matter watered down, expectations lowered, and discipline - especially of minorities - discouraged. Teachers soon gave up as well; they knew the Admins didn’t have their backs - so what’s the point of ruining your career…

I guess numbers are a myth too…

That has to be the lamest whine from a Dem. I’ve heard in some time.
Half my students were Hispanic- they knew I would take no shit from them, that they would be held to the same standard as the other kids, and they would be treated with the same respect they gave. They loved me, and they damn well performed as well as my Caucasian and Asian kids - why? Because they didn’t have a weak minded liberal idiot teaching them.

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Every Ellis Island Immigrant began to learn English from day one on US soil. English became the language in only a few years. Second generation, English was “thee” language. Oh yeah, those immigrants were here legally. My family has been here long before Ellis Island. I grew up in a home where Dutch - German - English was spoken. The day I started grade school, the adult members of my family switched to English when I was around, and did it for every child in the family. Just to make it easier for me in school. Because English was thee language of the land. My grandfather was a rock tunnel driver in the Anthracite Coal Fields; with only a 4th grade education. Yet he spoke 6 different languages. That always amazed me. Still when he got paid, he got paid in English.

So you quickly realized, diapering is not the answer. Once you finished potty training, they could shit on their own. You gave them confidence; and you inspired them to step into the world. Liberals believe in diapering from cradle to grave.

Why? Because a real person is being forced to move from the place that they were born because of failed leftist policies?

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Times have changed. Our country has the resources to provide education and testing in a variety of languages, and we should.

Every immigrant should be required to learn the language of the land. Anyone who cannot understand how much confusion would be eliminated, time saved, unnecessary energy expended, resources & $$$$$$ saved, needs to step back & take in the entire picture. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dozens of languages in the mix creates little more than pandemonium. Feel free to learn & speak whatever languages you like; but English is paramount in our country. Amazing how that one English word carries so much weight; “DOLLAR”.

If we want to allow every language on the planet to be used in our country; why not go the extra mile and allow every foreign currency to be in circulation. Why not allow anyone to drive in the lanes they drove in in their native countries. Just open the Bellevue floodgates. THERE MUST BE ORDER for a civilized society to function efficiently. Every extra unnecessary component in a machine represents a potential failure. If you like I can post the engineering term. Here it is: “The mark of elegant engineering is to produce the desired effect as simply as possible” This holds true to every single area of engineering; mechanical, electrical, chemical, political, & social engineering.


You are clearly delusional and I would argue it is people like who think like you that is the source of the problem! You are either part of the solution or part of the problem!

Liberals are stupid ass fks!