Building 7. New insights

911 is an old story but let’s take a new look at the collapse of Building 7.


What is so significant about this building over the others?

No plane hit it.

(Actually, we are of the opinion that no plane was involved in New York City on 911)

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I find that hard to believe that no planes were involved. If you mean it was a demolition that used planes for illusion purposes then maybe I can understand


The videos of planes hitting the Twin Towers were hastily put together (faked), so that there are many technical flaws.

On the other hand, there are videos taken by average guys (not made public for many years) where there are no planes.

Jet fuel does not melt / pulverize steel.
Planes do not go through steel girders and disappear into the buildings.

So… all of the people that witnessed it in NYC that day were just imagining it??? I question a lot of things myself, but I’m pretty sure planes crashing into buildings is not easily faked… live, in plain sight of hundreds of people. That would be the greatest illusion ever pulled off! David Copperfield would be proud of that one! :grin:

A friend of mine who lives in Brooklyn (Park Slope) received a phone call and immediately drove to East River. He told me he was shocked and shaken to see one of the Twin Towers collapse across the river. He stayed on to see the other Tower collapse as well.

Many people are like that. They say they “witnessed” the event, but nobody actually saw the planes go into the Twin Towers.

A Japanese woman said she watched the whole thing. It turns out she lived in New York City all right, but she watched the whole thing on TV.

I watched live, are you saying all news channels colluded, and broadcasted a Live Photo shopped event?

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Like I said… I’ve been called a conspiracy theorist… I do have some off the beaten path beliefs. I just don’t buy this one. It was in plain sight of many hundreds of people. It was broadcast live as it happened on the radio. We were let to go home form work that day. I watched live TV. I just don’t believe that this could be faked so realistically to fool the whole country.

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You know, there are varying degrees of being conspiracy theorists.

I may be an EXTREME conspiracy theorist. LOL

It’s like my friend in Brooklyn. He watched the Twin Towers smoke and then collapse. But he never saw any plane. Is he a witness? I guess he is.

There was the fake, con artist who made the video while shouting to his camcorder: A plane hit the building!

Bottom line: It was controlled demolition.

The whole world was fooled.

BBC reporting Building 7 collapse ahead of the time.

The building to the right of the lady is Building 7. She had no clue.

The building had no rhyme or reason to collapse, unless it was controlled demolition.

Okay. I saw planes hit the towers. I’m not convinced that the planes are what took the towers down, but I’m not going to say there were no planes that hit the towers. There is just too much evidence to the contrary of what you are saying. How do you explain all of the coverage of planes hitting the towers??? I mean… thousands of people saw it with their own eyes… How was this pulled off if it was faked??? I’m sorry but, As much as I don’t trust the government ( and I don’t trust them/it at all) I see no evidence that Planes were not involved in the taking down of the towers, even if they weren’t what actually took them down.

I believe George bush on this one

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Thousands of people may have seen the smoking Towers but hardly any witnesses (if any) of planes coming in and disappearing into the building(s).

Like the Japanese lady I mentioned above, they more than likely watched it on TV.

I think Donald Trump talked about it immediately afterwards and I will post it if I find the video.

OK, that’s a starter

Donald Trump September 11 Interview: He Said There Is No Way The Planes Could Have Penetrated WTC Buildings Without Bombs Exploding On Impact (
No videos. They keep deleting stuff. Why?

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I definitely have seen planes hit the towers but the one hitting the pentagon has always been the suspicion of whether it was a plane at all. I don’t recall seeing one after either.

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That was a missile. No plane debris found. Besides, there were light poles on the street outside. Just impossible for a passenger plane to punch a whole in the building right above the ground without touching these light poles.

There was a woman working in the next room, and when she heard the explosion, she went to the devastated room and walked outside right through the hole. No plane debris or dead bodies. No nothing.

The sneaking thing they did was, they had a fairly large plane fly by. That’s why there were “witnesses” who claimed to have seen a plane.

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Explosion yes, but no freaking plane.

If you read German, you wouldn’t need translation, but it reads (Google Translate) as follows:

“They didn’t expect that someone who filmed the 9/11 attacks with their JVC cellphone and years later would post it on social media. where is the plane?”

What you see in the video is a bomb explosion.

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Each of the twin towers had 244 columns around a central core that housed the elevators, stairwells, mechanical systems, and utilities. In this tubular design system, when some columns became damaged, others could still support the building.

Following the impact, floor loads originally supported by the exterior columns in compression were successfully transferred to other load paths, wrote examiners for the official Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) report. Most of the load supported by the failed columns is believed to have transferred to adjacent perimeter columns through Vierendeel behavior of the exterior wall frame."

The impact of the aircraft and other flying objects:

  1. Compromised the insulation that protected the steel from high heat
  2. Damaged the sprinkler system of the building
  3. Sliced and cut many of the interior columns and damaged others
  4. Shifted and redistributed the building load among columns that were not immediately damaged

The shift put some of the columns under “elevated states of stress.”

The steel columns merely needed to be structurally compromised. 1500 degree heat will do that.

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There have been fires in high rise buildings around the world.
None have collapsed.

How come puffs of smoke were witnessed (videos are there) as the Twin Towers went down vertically?