"British Politics and Government is not Fit for Purpose"

Has Great Britain awaken from their slumber with the recent development of the "Reform Party’s " meteoric rise in the last few months? If we also account for what has happened in the recent elections across Europe then it is safe to say that something is truly happening out there.

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A message from Nigel Farage. This guy needs to run for PM, but I suspect there is a reason why no none wants the job.

Reform UK, Nigel Farage’s party, is overtaking the Conservatives in national polling!

Labour is almost certain to win a large majority and become the government for the next five years. The real question is, who will emerge as the Opposition?

The Conservatives were ‘in office, but not in power’ for fourteen years. They effectively did nothing about mass illegal Third World immigration. They could have ordered the Royal Navy to intercept the boats mid-Channel, give everyone a sandwich and bottle of water, and tow them back to France. This would have stopped the boats coming within a couple of weeks. They didn’t.

The most important issue will be, how Reform behaves after the election. They need to organize locally, and do things in each constituency that keep them in the public eye. Just as in the US, ‘politics as usual’, where most of the electorate don’t get involved except to cast a vote every few years, won’t cut it.

Here’s something to cheer you up:[ Shock new poll confirms Reform lead over Tories despite Farage’s Putin comments | The Independent ]

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Opinions shifted throughout Europe. Whether Labour or Conservative, or whatever parties they are called in France, people in France don’t want to have anything to do with the war in Ukraine. Le Pen may be the only hope to save France from the unwanted war as well as unhinged immigration.

Same for Germany. The Green Party has been hammered and we’ll have to see what comes next.

Aren’t the labor party made up of a bunch of cultural Marxists pigs ?

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The Conservatives are worse. They have been supporting and financing the war in Ukraine full on.

Since Thatcher (and earlier) they are nothing more than agents of the Rothschilds.

I’m sorry that you are upset by the fact that Jews are smarter than you. But then, probably most people are.

Smarter? What are you smoking?

They’re plain satanic.
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The Sigil of Baphomet is the star of the Satanic church. It is and upside down pentagram. The Star of David is a six sided star… not Satanic… what ever else it may be. Just sayin’.


Any symbol has multiple meanings.

The swastika, for example, may be reviled in the western world which is subjugated to Jooish rule, but the symbol is sacred in India and you still see it today in Hindu temples as well as in Buddhist temples in China, Korea and Japan. Swastika is also found among Celts, as it was an acient sacred symbol for the Indo-European peoples.

The all-seeing eye of Lucifer over the pyramid on your dollar bill was introduced by FDR, a satanist Illuminati, with the Latin caption meaning “New World Order.”

But this ancient symbol is found in very old archeological sites in South America, dating back thousands of years, because it was sacred.

Even the hexagon, the six-pointed star, is sacred in many traditions. But not in the Synagogue of Satan.

Bottom line: It all depends on your intention. What do you want to accomplish with the power of the symbols? Something good for humanity in line with the law of Cosmos, or something evil like the New World Order?

(Again, NWO is probably a good thing if it’s accomplished with sprirituality and financial justice, but it is very evil if it’s done with the intention of killing billions of people so that the rich will rule the planet.)

Smarter? Yes. You probably don’t know what the Nobel Prize is, but if you look at the proportion of Jews who have won it, in real fields like Physics and Chemistry, or the equivalent, the Fields Medal in Mathematics, it’s obvious.

Are you aware of the “central limit theorem?

Parasitic families who have more money to send their kids to college.
Colleges and universities run by the parasites favor the sons and daughters of parasitic families.

Did Ezra Pound receive the Nobel Prize? No. (But his students did). Because he spoke against the parasites.

For your messed up brain, this might be very good food for thought.

A. Einstein Plagiarist of the Century - [PDF Document] (vdocuments.mx)

Sorry, Einstein really was smarter than you.
Most big advances in science and mathematics are really collective efforts, as was the Special Theory of Relativity, and even Wiles’ proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem. But the Jews win too many Nobel Prizes, and excel in too many other fields, for that idiotic conspiracy theory to be true.

After WWI, Vienna was becoming the intellectual capital of the world, in philosophy, mathematics, physics … then they murdered all their Jews, and now it’s just a collection of nice old buildings.

It’s the genes. For hundreds of years, Christians had their brightest sons go into the priesthood, where they fathered far fewer children than normal. The Jews had just the opposite attitude towards their rabbis. We see the results now.

But don’t feel bad. In another two or three generations, if we don’t destroy ourselves in a big stupid war, we’ll be crafting the genomes of our descendants, and they’ll all have Jewish IQ’s. (Of course, maybe you should feel bad, since they’ll probably have some originally-Jewish genes as well!)

No. Einstein was a shyster and not a scientist.
His theory of relativity was stolen from a French mathematician as pointed out in the article which you obviously didn’t read.

Every time Christian nations do that, Joos laugh all the way to the bank.

Joos are not smart; there are too many IDIOTS in Christian countries.

Politically , the uk is behind other european countries In terms of political movement away from the far left establishment The Conservatives have been awful And labour are going to be even worse Basically we’re going to get labour

I believe this country needs a labour government for people to truly understand that the two mainstream political parties hate the average british person Also, boomers are still a massive voting block And they are basically politically retarded Without being disrespectful , some political issues will be resolved when they pass away

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I see , some highlights of the political debates recently Between Regional management 1 and Regional manager 2 Anyway the little indian one was What saying We couldn’t send the boat back because they were Majority afghan and iranian and we couldn’t do a deal with the iranian or the taliban Yeah, we don’t need to do that mate We just need to make a deal with france Considering we already give them billions to sort this mess out

I literally hate British politics at this point The 2 party political system created this mess


I don’t think we even have to do a deal with France.
Just let the Royal Navy intercept the boats when they reach British territorial waters. Give everyone on board a bottle of water and a sandwich. Then tow the boats back to French territorial waters.

Do this for two weeks or so, and they’ll stop coming. When the National Rally wins power in France, they’ll be able to sort out the illegal immigration problem for their own country.

Note that Nigel Farage’s Reform party has, according to some polls, overtaken the Conservatives in the polls. Of course the corrupt mass media are doing everything to hide this fact.

Labour is going to win, so the real question is who will emerge as the Opposition. What Reform needs to do after the election is to keep the attention of the British public on Labour’s failures. Doing this well includes forming groups of activist-patriots in every constituency who will, among other things, hold periodic public meetings on important issues.

The Conservatives functioned as just a parliamentary party. Reform needs to function as an on-the-ground campaigning organization.

Among other issues, it should – just as patriots in the US should – campaign for a comprehensive national Civil Defense program – “Prepping” on a giant scale.

Oh yes: Reform needs to take issues like this one: [ x.com ] --and make them a national scandal.

The Reform parliamentary candidate’s first Tweet from the link above:
“Despite 91% of residents voting against the Pinehurst Hill Side migrant flats it’s going ahead. 346 asylum seekers in flats originally valued at £1,400 rent p/m. It’s massive and as always our local homeless take second place. As your MP I will always tell the public what is happening and prioritise local housing needs”

It can be said of most governments in the west.
Any government that forced the Pfizer jab on its people hates its own people.

I don’t think so. Stupidity, or rather blindness in this case, is hereditary.