British ambassador on Trump

Nothing new or surprising here…

Exactly. Just more unnamed sources. Like the ones who said Trump would be indicted by Mueller. Likely fake. Nothing new.

Darroch used secret cables and briefing notes to warn the UK government that Trump’s “career could end in disgrace,” and described conflicts within the White House as “knife fights,” according to the Daily Mail.

Further proof of the embarrassing (to Trump) memos, the UK government is investigating to find out who leaked them…:wink:

It is not out of character that CNN paints the strife between Trump and the piece of shit mayor of London as being waged by Trump, even though the mayor promotes the flying of the “baby Trump” balloon and was first to say that London is “no Trump” town where he is unwelcome to visit. ( I see that the Queen’s invitation to a state visit “trumps” the Muslim mayor’s persona non grata status assigned by that dipshit son of a bitch. )

Hey, London! Your mayor is a worthless pig turd!

Hey, UK! Your ambassador to the US is no better!

Long live the Queen!



One can only imagine what different diplomats have said to colleagues out of earshot about any other politician. This is pretty tame IMO. Remember the little weasel Rahm Emmanuel poking a finger into Tony Blair’s chest saying “don’t fuck this up”? Oh yeah, CNN didn’t cover that…

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This is about Trump, Trump incompetence. The only thing England wants to know is who leaked it.

Supposedly. Exactly how did he obtain them?

I wonder what amazing diplomatic accomplishments the UK has achieved during Trump’s tenure?

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This is about the opinion of a British asshole regarding Trump. Trump is far from incompetent. He’s fighting Democrat Party operatives, RINOs, the fake news media and Marxist/socialist/communist like Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi. Chuckie Schumer is another obstructionist he faces.

…and just as our honest AG (first we’ve really had since Obama finally got his sorry, crooked ass out of the White House) William Barr will get to the bottom of the genesis of the Russian/Trump “collusion” hoax, British intelligence will likely ferret out the asshole that leaked “secret cables and briefing notes”.

It may be that nothing is done to him/her depending on who he knows and who he blows…and he/she may be given a promotion or reassignment, but at least he/she will be exposed to someone else as being untrustworthy.

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The Brits were involved with the coup against him and so were the Australians. So much for allies. They better watch their mouths.

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You are absolutely correct Ashley! This is nothing more than a Deep State hit to create distractions before the big reveal happens, and a lot of the UK Globalist schills like this D-bag are out carrying their water because they know they are twisting in the wind.

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You are wasting your time. Montecrusty lacks not only the integrity to present a objective argument due to him suffering from TDS, but he is a mentally challenged “LIV” who is purposely being obtuse with all of what he posts here. You should know that already!

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Lol, can’t wait to see where this investigation takes them. There’s a reason why trump never has garnered even 50% of Americans support, he’s a punk and the majority don’t like him, and the British are laughing their asses off at him. As seen with the ambassadors comments.

I know it is futile to attempt logical, productive conversation with such as person. However, never challenging the lies of a liberal shill/troll only allows his misinformation to spread further into the minds of gullible dupes.

He and at least 100 million other idiots are parroting each other continuously regardless of what we say back to them. (Many of those are seen daily on MSNBC, CNN, NBC, et al., or write lies in the NYT, WP, blogs, etc.)

At least other people that hear or read this crap see two sides and have a choice of which to believe.

…and here in THE political bullpen, our replies cannot be redacted by the opposition.

Only occasionally do I respond directly to habitual idiots.

Besides, at this time, I have absolutely nothing better to do.


But I thought you guys like that sort of bluster. God knows you’d be lapping it up if Trump did it…

Trump! Trump! Trump!!


Your clown car is leaking.


Well you’re welcome to dismiss this as clownish, but the op is very serious, very real cables spanning two years from the British ambassador. Amazing that Donald Trump has some “bad things to say about him” but exercised restraint.

Apparently the British have Trump pegged as incompetent and inept, among other things…

Yeah it was also the British who were part of perpetuating a false narrative known as the Steel Dossier too, but I Guess all things are not equal to you, only that confirmation bias is what fuels your hyperbole to satisfy your hunger to display your stupidity without shame! Go figure!

Is Christopher Steele “the Brits”?

The Telegraph is reporting that it is Brexiteers that have leaked the cables as revenge for the ambassadors failure to promote Brexit…:wink: