BREAKING NEWS! Trump flips Kentucky and Virginia

What is this “Angry Majority” thingy? Please don’t make me post gifs of crying infants.

When even GOP gerrymandering doe’s work. Just in time for the 2020 census!

Let the goat rodeo begin!

Uh Ohh!!!

My Oh My…

Guess there was a lot of illegal voter turnout today. You guys should be proud and pat yourselves on the back. You are still going to get destroyed come 2020.

Don’t forget about all the just released criminals voting in the state of Virginia. Their baby killing doctor governor pushed that shit through so now illegals and ex-cons can vote.

I don’t believe the citizens of Virginia or Kentucky are this stupid. It has been known for 20 years that computerized voting machines can be programmed for a predetermined outcome. Time to return to paper ballots and enact STRICT voter ID.

Is that the best you’re capable of?

Zombie voting? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Grievance noted. and fails.

They aren’t.

Republicans still won In Mississippi, Kentucky and Virginia were pretty much lost causes so this is no surprise, but let the inhouse asshat trolls enjoy their Smug taunts, its all they got, because when 2020 comes it will be us bathing in their tears!

GTFU! Its shit like this that most here think your another trolling turd!

I live in Northern Virginistan and it’s been solid blue and socialist since at least 2012. I did see all the Ethiopian cab drivers out in droves this morning going to vote. Thanks to the joke of a voter ID law we have on the books here in the commonwealth they could show an expired library card and be able to vote for more free shit. This once beautiful state will go full California shithole in a year or less.


that would be the GREAT State of Miss’hippi!

Bastion of the brightest.

The good thing is once all these leftists start pushing gender fluidity, transvestite shit, and buttsex to the kiddies in school, the Muslims will push back and go after the leftists. At least they are good for something other than blowing shit up and lowering property values.

Yah…get back to me then your fantasy happens.

Oh so you think Muslims are big fans of transvestites and sodomites? Please cite the chapter and verse of the Quran that says so.

The Muslims I know of chuck those morons off the nearest rooftop.

Why are you so afraid of the two spirit people?

Want to be one but afraid to come out?

This thread is about tRUMP’S failures in Virginia and Kentucky by the way.

Please try to stay on topic.

I didnt know he was running for the governor seat in Kentucky and Virginia. Breaking news indeed.


Maybe you’re right @Watchman_Libtard, Trump’s rally’s cost the GOP these races. Between his job disapproval and his daily sophomoric tweets.

Virginia is now completely controlled by Democrats.

And Kentucky…KENTUCKY, a State Trump won by 30 points :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Poor Mitch and Rand…

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He can now be laser focused on finding a narrative for his Quid Pro Quo that will stick,:laughing:

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It just gets worser and worser :cry:

Locally, Democrats will hold all five seats on the Delaware County Council, a Republican stronghold since the Civil War, and also assumed a majority on the legislative body in Chester County. In Bucks County, Democrats captured the Board of Commissioners for the first time since 1983.

And in Philadelphia, a third-party insurgent candidate weakened an already marginalized GOP by securing one of the at-large City Council seats reserved for minority parties — a seat Republicans have held for decades.

IF this is the direction the national elections will take in 2020 we’re hosed. My wife and I will visit Singapore this year, part vacation and part real estate hunt.

It is a gamble, but we may purchase a condo there in case the Dems/socialists sweep in Nov 2020 - at that point the US stock market, and the real estate market will collapse and the cost of Singapore real estate will skyrocket (it’s already very expensive).

We moved to NV from CA two years ago and love it- no traffic, great restaurants, medical care, housing is a fraction of CA. Home prices here have already increased 30-50% in that time because of higher income refugees from Soviet California.

What I see in the new Democratic party is disconcerting - no not some ‘I don’t want to pay my fair share’ bullshit, but a realistic fear of single party rule in which every idea that has an enemy supposedly with wealth or power somehow oppressing some sort of loser - is embraced and codified in law.

The Dem. party of the seventies would call the current Dem. party socialist at best. The current party has no ‘holy shit, that’s insane’ bollards for ideas based in self pity and class/race hatreds.

It sounds far fetched at first, but the party that demands the end of the Electoral College, packing the SCOTUS, legalizing enough aliens to effectively end plurality, and endless wealth redistribution programs will destroy the economy first, and the nation over time.

Single party rule is dictatorship is always sold as power to the people, with a smiley face.