BREAKING NEWS! Jeffrey Epstein dead by suicide, found in Manhattan jail cell

LMFAO okay, he isn’t dead but because he is a jew the Government of Israel forced New York to fake his death to bring him back to Israel where he gets to live out his days in comfort and peace

okay then

(DMK sputters) Why … you…you … conspiracy NUT! :laughing:

The point being:

A. He already supposedly attempted suicide so that puts anyone on high alert or at least it should and;
B. He should have been under watch 24/7 especially with as high of a profile case as this is. Hell, the watchers should have been watching the watchers.

He was going to be spending the rest of his life in a federal max facility.

Not hard to understand why a pampered baby like him would choose the coward’s way out.

Hes legally dead, but is he actually?

Jeffrey Epstein - dead, suicide by hanging?

While on suicide watch?

Clinton body count number…?

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I was kind of thinking about that.

The coward’s way out might just be to live.

God help what he is facing right now in the afterlife.

A person like that can’t really have any concept of an afterlife or paying for their sins in same.

They don’t have to have a concept of it.

That doesn’t mean that death is more painful than living.

It matters if we’re talking about “the cowards way out”.

If you have no fear of consequences in the afterlife, there’s nothing to hold you back when you’re someone like him who will never breathe free air again.

I worked in a prison as a guard and had to deal with suicidal people. We never had someone be able to kill themselves even though they tried. Whatever the corrupt media and city officials say this was an assassination. NY and CA have fallen and people should be afraid because the so called deep state is real.

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I believe that. Because it is your ass and your job on the line if you let someone slip through.

Someone as high profile as this with a previous attempt?

Not gonna happen unless several someones are looking the other way.

And, sure. Heads are going to roll over it. But, I’m sure the pros and cons of that were taken into consideration by all parties involved.

When I was 3 I had no fear of fire. It was not until I got burned that I learned fear and respect.

He may be the spiritual equivalent of a 3 year old. That does not mean he won’t get burned.

The whole point is what his perceptions and expectations are leading up to his suicide.

There are a hell of a lot of people killed dining stupid things every year because they thought themselves impervious to harm.

Same difference.

Well, then you and I are speaking on different planes.

I am speaking of the spiritual afterlife. Had I lived and exploited like he did I’d cling to every moment of life to delay the absolute hell he earned in the afterlife.

But,hey. That is just me.

And now, countless democrats, royalty, and world elites are off the hook. Again. As usual.

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Who is “Avi” and who is a “Stalwart”?

If the Deep State doesn’t want Epstein to talk,
there are two alternatives:

  1. Kill him, be it suicide or being “suicided” or outright murder
  2. Let him live but pretend he is dead, rewarding him handsomely for the service rendered.

You believe in an afterlife and consequences, people like that don’t.

All he could see was that he’d never breathe free air again and every lurid detail of his sex trafficking was going to be made public.

This is a guy that had the money and connections to get absolutely anything he wanted no matter how illegal or amoral who thrived as a sexual predator of underage girls and believed he was untouchable.

His life was essentially over the moment they slammed the cuffs on.

He also had every reason he would be killed in prison and maybe this was just his way of accepting that reality and going out on his own terms, a final “Screw You” to his victims and their families since they’d never get the satisfaction of seeing him destroyed in court before heading off to spend the last days of his life in a federal max prison.

He was in every way a man with nothing left to live for.

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