🚨 BREAKING: House committee approves Articles of Impeachment against Mayorkas

The news speaks for itself, and to be honest it has been long overdue for something like to happen. What is next is anyone’s guess, but with a presidential election approaching in 9 months I would imagine immigration is going to be the number one hot topic on everyone’s minf. This development is is pyre for the fire that is just getting started.

Stay tuned


Interesting commentary by Steve Bannon


This thing is a play for a bigger event to happen in the future. Talk of federalising the National Guard?

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Where it stands today:
“What the ruling essentially says is that state compliance with federal guidelines is completely voluntary,” said Jeff Jacobs, a retired Army Reserve two-star general, attorney and author of a 1994 book analyzing the Guard’s dual control structure. “And the only recourse the federal government has — because Texas did not dispute this — is to withdraw funding for [the state’s] National Guard.”

Jacobs warned this decision at its “logical conclusion” allows governors to block military personnel requirements, offering free rein to protect non-federalized Guard members from military punishments for everything from marijuana use to fitness tests. But even under the ruling, troops must meet all federal requirements to join.

“It gives the governor[s] a veto to play politics with every single thing that the Secretary of Defense or the Secretary of the Army or Air Force do,” the retired general warned.

Think Biden will use the military to arrest all the National Guard in Texas???

I think this issue becomes more than the state of Texas. Of course messing with Texas is not going to end well for the progressives, however as we get deeper into 2024 I suspect we will have bigger things to worry about than the National guard!


I am still fuming about that recent Tucker interview with Weinstein! We should be singular in our focus!



Yey! It finally happened!

BREAKING: The House has Voted to IMPEACH DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on two articles: “willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law” and “breach of public trust” One vote!


I doubt the Senate will uphold to convict!

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Yeah, that is what everybody is saying. Keeping expectations low is probably better in the long run.

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