🔴 BREAKING. Donald Trump to be arrested: OT 🧵

New York DA meets with law enforcement, discuss how to arrest the greatest living president in American history.

Im wondering how this will go down, he has secret service, do they allow police to arrest him?
Are they not going to offer him a chance to turn him Self in or does the commie want a perp walk.
I don’t think Briggs has enough security to protect his commie ass. And that’s not a threat I’m just imagining this isn’t going to go well for him. I’m a very peaceful individual, and hope he makes the right decision.

Sad democrats have went this low.


Here’s what you need to know about the possible Trump indictment:

The goal isn’t the political fallout. They know he isn’t going to exit the race, nor is he constitutionally required to. The goal to keep him from being able to raise enough money for a serious campaign. It’s the same thing they did with Mueller and the Russia Hoax—drained the war chest. But he had the advantage then of being the incumbent, so the RNC was (mostly) helpful. The 2020 campaign still spent over $1B.

The question is whether donors will stand by him or look to an alternative. (The RNC doesn’t have to support any one candidate because it’s an open primary.)

All of this should matter because whether or not you support a Trump 2024, tactics like this shouldn’t influence your ability to choose a candidate for the GOP nomination. He should win or lose fair and square.

This is how radical the insane Leftists are in their TDS. Because of their perpetual witch hunts to GET TRUMP, no one is even pretending this is a remotely justified indictment; everyone knows it’s politically motivated.

Prior to 2016, if a candidate had a pending or actual indictment, it would be a huge blow to their credibility and almost certainly the end of their candidacy, because we assumed it was legitimate. Now, because of the Democrats, no reasonable American trusts the legitimacy of federal law enforcement. Nor should they.

But the Democrats don’t care about protecting our institutions or systems. They just want to GET TRUMP.

I hope they utterly, miserably fail. If Democrats are supposedly so concerned about “protecting democracy,” then just LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE…

Stephen Colbert Finally Gets Someone To Laugh At His Show

(Babylon Bee | Entertainment) · Mar 16, 2023 · BabylonBee.com

NEW YORK, NY — History was made last night, as a human being laughed at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for the first time since the show began its run in September 2018. To accomplish this feat, Colbert brought in a ringer — Vice President Kamala Harris.

“It’s been seven and a half long years,” Colbert said in a statement following the show. “I was just tired of the lack of laughs. It’s supposed to be a comedy show! Why doesn’t anyone laugh? I knew I had to do something drastic to break the streak. That’s when I made the call to Vice President Harris’s office.”

It didn’t take long for the move to be a success, as the Vice President broke into an unsettling crackle as soon as she sat down on set and Colbert said “Hello.” The bizarre laughter continued throughout the interview, despite Colbert’s questions being centered on serious foreign policy matters, ongoing economic issues harming Americans, and the growing threat of nuclear war. “She thought all of it was hilarious, apparently,” Colbert said as he shrugged his shoulders. “I guess I actually am really funny after all!”

The Vice President seemed to enjoy her appearance on the program. “It is in times like these when we all take the time to sit,” Harris said in a statement released by her media team. “And as we sit, and time passes, we truly see how time sits still even as it passes while we sit.”

At publishing time, Colbert and his producers were in negotiations to have the Vice President appear on every episode to break up the awkward silence during tapings.

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What is a “Perk” walk?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Good morning! My fellow patriots!

He don’t know what a perp walk is? Lol I bet he knows what a peeper is lol

That boy to heavy to be carrying around lol

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A way to get people to comment to make an dead topic relevant.

As if the moron could possibly tell anyone anything of consequence.


Go away bubba no copy and paste here

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Tuesday will be a sad day in American history. The day we officially turn in to a banana republic. Protest like it’s a Banana republic!
May god protect our leader. DJT

Yeah I know, why else trot out the fake account again/ As if anyone here believes its not jittsd-bag! What a dork loser!

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Stop derailing the thread. Thank you …

Please peaceful protest!
We can’t afford any more of us in jail.

I will be leading a protest on bostons historic commons!
I will hang a lantern for trump. Like we used to after a day of battle during the revolution.

LOL… no you won’t! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I won’t let your ashes spill out boomer

Thank you. I wouldn’t want to be scattered all over Bahhhhston…lol.

You really should just stop with all your theatrics and Dungens and Dragons BS. You, and the rest of your other personas are just a laughuing stock at this point. Let us all know how “you guys” did at your little protest. :joy: :joy: :joy:

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We have enough gays scattered around here

Well… You know… Bahhhston… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: