🔴 BREAKING. Donald Trump to be arrested: OT 🧵

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Utter madness. On no planet is a private legal settlement a felony campaign finance violation. The rule of law is dead in this country. Meanwhile, Republicans in Washington are laser-focused on funneling more more money into Ukraine, because of course they are.

I’ve already added more than you have. :joy:

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Ok troll boomer. You won’t stop




What was the intent behind the payment?
Was it related to the election?
What was the source of money?

The timing of the payment seems to be much more related to the election.

This just may be a reporting problem. The reason we have these reporting obligations for candidates is that voters are supposed to be able to look at the finance reports and base their votes on information. That’s a potential problem this payment was never reported. If it was related to the election, it should’ve been disclosed to the American people in advance of their vote.

It’s called a nuance payment. They are done all the time.
It’s none of ya business.

Solid miss as usual, zero comprehension.

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They settled something between two ppl. It was private.

Braggs is a token house negro, eager to please his slave owners. You can see Hillary texting him, good boy.
Braggs morally knows this this wrong. But he’s knows he will make democrats so happy.


Trump should hold a huge rally in Florida, let’s see them arrest him then.

Indictment, NY.

Guess you didn’t read the article as always.

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Funny Fox News was going to cancel Trump, he wasn’t going to be reported like a normal presidential candidate, but now Fox News will be trump 24/7. Catapulting him past Ron
These ppl are so deranged.


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Good morning America! Who’s ready for some peaceful protesting

Steve bannon won’t even talk about it.

Signal not noise

I guess Alvin Bragg can’t stand on his own two feet, black “leaders” are calling this a lynching if he has to answer questions on his decision to arrest the greatest living president.

The house slave fights back .