Breaking: Bridge in Baltimore Collapses After Cargo Ship Collides with it

Didn’t see this coming, but scenes like this is an indication of the collapse of American infrastructure such as roads and bridges brings the country that much closer to being in disrepair.

How does one container ship cause all this damage? I am not sure, and more has to be learned from this story as more details are revealed at a later time. It is also reported that there are some casualties as well.

More details:

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland which crosses the Patapsco River has reportedly Collapsed within the last few minutes after being Struck by a Large Container Ship; a Mass Casualty Incident has been Declared with over a Dozen Cars and many Individuals said to be in the Water.


This is emblematic of a dying Empire as everything is crumbling before our very eyes. Jezus why send millions to foreign countries before taking care of our own first?


America’s infrastructure is rotten to the core. Stop wasting money on Israel and Ukraine, and start rebuilding transportation: roads, bridges and trains.

By the way, what do you do if your car falls into a river or ocean? If doors and windows are operated electronically, you’re done for.


I keep a window breaking tool in my truck.


WOW !!! Someone’s azz should be on the line . Pray for those that hit the water .

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Does this feel like the end of times? Strange that Easter falls on the last day of the month followed by a major solar eclipse. Sigh!

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No doubt! We neglected our country. Meanwhile have you seen Lahaina lately while hundreds of thousands of Illegal Aliens are getting thousands of dollars a month from US Tax payers?

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Does it feel like it? Yes. But I would guess many felt the same way durlng the Depression, WW1, WW2?

As you know, only God knows the day and the hour.

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It looks like the ship lost power twice before it was too late and crashed into the bridge.

Pay close attention to the cars and trucks in the end crossing the bridge before the collapse.

I wish I was making this up but this is so fking crazy its too hard to believe!

The captain of the ship that hit the bridge in Baltimore is Ukranian.

Is he upset with the aid delay? Or just unlucky.

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The White House came out with a statement stating “There is no indication of nefarious intent.”

The FBI Baltimore Field Office came out with a statement stating “There is no specific or credible information to suggest any ties to terrorism.”


I don’t believe a word out of the Biden regime, or the rogue FBI!

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Fishy, fishy, fishy.

From what I’ve read/heard, they/captain said there was a fire on the ship. I’m not going to speculate on anything until more comes out.

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I am not sure you get this joke.

“At least your grandchildren will know you fought racism”

Make of it what you will.
Clif High

And the plot thickens! If this was a cyber attack then its looking like it was an isdide job. The question is why? For what purpose and for whom does it serve?

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