Boy Scouts of America may declare bankruptcy amid sexual harassment allegations

The Boy Scouts of America is mulling declaring bankruptcy amid flagging membership and an avalanche of costly sex abuse allegations, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Leaders have hired Chicago law firm Sidley Austin for help in a potential Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, sources told the outlet.

The organization has been fending off lawsuits over alleged abuse, including one filed by four former scouts who called the club a “pedophile magnet” and alleged that they were molested by scoutmaster Waldron Ackerman between 1974 and 1976.

The organization has reportedly lost two-thirds of its members — some 4 million boys — since the 1970s.

The Mormon Church, where scout membership was long considered a rite of passage, has yanked 610,000 scouts over the last two years.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Girl Scouts is suing the Boy Scouts for trademark infringement and dilution after the latter decided to drop the “boy” from its name and rebrand as “Scouts.”

Leaders who ignored the groups moral code and founding principles have brought the organization to this point. Truly a disgrace.


Action? Meet consequences.

They caved to the gay agenda. Lots of people voted with their feet, and went to Trailside or other alternatives. Of those that remained…there was some predictable sexual abuse …

But this points out the true aim of these things.

Letting gays be scout masters or letting girls be “boy” scouts was not the agenda.

Remember what the left IS: it is the hatred of truth and beauty. It is entropy. It is a force of destruction and dissolution.

The Boy Scouts were quintessential America.

And now they are nothing in particular.

Indistinguishable from anything else.


They are probably just offloading all of the debts they don’t feel like paying. They aren’t going anywhere.

And all those pedophiles know it too .

In a move to become more…‘relevant’… more ‘inclusive’, Boy Scouts of America in 2013 decided to allow openly gay scouts… in 2015 they welcomed gay scoutmasters and in a bid to be ‘all inclusive’ the opened their doors to girls who already have a wonderful organization for the enrichment of girls into womanhood. Earlier this year they cut long standing ties with the Mormon church and now… the 108 year old organization is considering bankruptcy…

I would say though that not unlike the Catholic church, many of its problems and recent changes occurred in the 70’s and 80’s… Still sad though

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I was a Cub from about aged 7 then a Scout from about 9/10 'til 13. I have only great memories and learnt a lot of good practical skills. Didn’t experience any hint of kiddie fiddling. At the time the girls had Brownies and Guides in that same age range. We never mixed or did activities together, it worked well, having girls around would have been too much of a distraction for young boys.
That was memory lane before everything got F*****d up.


Who would have thought after all their outreach to every one and anyone including females.

In a historic swing to bolster its declining numbers, the Boy Scouts of America announced Wednesday that girls will be able to join the Cub Scouts and even rise to the rank of Eagle.

I had payroll deductions going to them while they fought the progressives. But they gave up. I canceled my donations…

Robert Gates, Obama’s SecDef ushered in the change. Yes… I know he served under Bush too. But he was under Obama’s mentorship in his final SecDef years.

He gave up , presumably because some companies stopped financial support because the BSA was “not inclusive”. Well… looks like his decision was misguided. He didnt save the BSA or make it relevant. He destroyed it.

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The sound of LGBXYZ chickens coming home to roost.
They have Robert Gates to thank.

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Unfortunately sometimes art imitates life…

No loss, I was a Girl Scout.


The article says nothing about LGBTQ’s being the problem. Pedophiles are the issue.

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Pedophiles would only target Cub Scouts. Pedophiles target prepubescent children.

Male perverts who target underage boys are homosexual. The definition makes no distenction of the age of the target.


Dictionary result for homosexual



a person who is sexually attracted to people of their own sex.

We have four consecutive generations of Eagle Scouts in my family and seeing what has happened to the organization since the decline began in the 80’s is truly heartbreaking.

Liberalism in it’s modern incarnation cannot allow any organization with a firmly grounded moral code and traditional values to survive.

I cringe at the dishonesty of the argument.

Same Sex preferential offenders are by definition homosexual. For them to claim otherwise is a ridiculous lie.