Bostock v. Clayton County: SCOTUS Rules 6-3 that Gay, Trans Employees Protected by Civil Rights Act

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court ruled Monday that a landmark civil rights law protects LGBT people from discrimination in employment, a resounding victory for LGBT rights from a conservative court.

while the US FALLS this is way more important.

So the SCOTUS does the right thing, but the big story is Neil Gorsuch…:flushed::flushed::flushed:

This is what a real “conservative” court looks like. What a fucking joke.

Not sure that a victory for human rights and equality could be framed as a joke…:thinking:

I wonder if this means women’s (biological) sports are over with.


Nice! Now small businesses can screw over feminists by hiring gay men and pretend women…and pay them more money. Nice job SCOTUS!


WOW! Now we are just like Europe, a homosexual loving country! I respect every person´s right to privacy but the facts of both case indicated that the two homo´s could not keep their mouth shut.But look at another case the court refused to hear. It allows any person to use any public toilet he wants to use! Pinko and Homo´s!!


Well no, this ruling doesn’t protect that discrimination at all. But there’s no surprise you’d think that it does, or that you’d consider it “nice”…

Well that’s clearly not true either, as you demonstrate right here, you clearly do not love “homosexuals”…

Wait until the slip perverts rights in there notice is said " legbtq " IA" + the P will be added watch.

What we need is another Antia Bryant!

Another thing that’s not going to happen…


U should listen to this guy lol
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They are attempting it.

> “Americans must be able to rely on what the law says, and it is disappointing that a majority of the justices were unwilling to affirm that commonsense principle. Redefining ‘sex’ to mean ‘gender identity’ will create chaos and enormous unfairness for women and girls in athletics, women’s shelters, and many other contexts,” Alliance Defending Freedom Vice President of Advocacy John Bursch said in a statement.

Lol, so Gorsuch isn’t the guy…

I would have to read the whole Opinion, before getting hysterical.


The way it’s presented in these articles, sounds simplistic.

No way this means Males can compete in Women’s sports. I can understand not allowing work discrimination, in legal sex orientation.

This may not be the big leftist crazy “victory” they want to claim.

Gotta read the real opinions.

I doubt they are ruling that Bostock WAS fired because he was gay. That is just Bostock’s claim. Without reading opinion I would guess this is simply clarifying orientation in included in “Sex”----a technical ruling.

Do so and get back with us…:+1:

Oh it’s a victory…

Today’s ruling…