Boris Johnson rips up Theresa May’s immigration plan and refuses to set limits on new arrivals

New prime minister also backs amnesty for undocumented migrants, acknowledging ‘perhaps half a million people’ could win right to stay :rage:

So much for being the UK version of Trump.

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Trying so hard to appease the lefties.

In his first Commons statement, the new prime minister said advisers would work up plans for “an Australian-style points-based system”, declining to set any limit on migrants.

Honestly, this sounds like a step in a very good direction. Of course, that is going to depend on the actual parameters of the point system. But, if anything like Australia’s in how selective and strict it is, it could be a great benefit to your country.

Understanding Australia’s points-based immigration system for skilled professionals

Australia introduced this immigration system to ensure Australia’s continued economic growth by attracting professionals who poses skills and experience that will benefit the country. Not only does this system fill gaps in the Australian labour market, but research have time and again indicated that as many as eight new jobs flow from the appointment of one skilled migrant.

This migration programme controls the quality, variety and number of workers moving to the Australia and according to the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Control is “specifically designed to target migrants who have skills or outstanding abilities that will contribute to the Australian economy” and to fill labour shortages.

To qualify for any one of the range of Australian skilled visas applicants must undergo a points-based assessment. Points are awarded in a number of categories which are considered attractive qualities for migrants to Australia to have. The qualities, on which points are awarded to each applicant, are in line with the country’s growth and expansion plans and works towards a situation where migrants contribute in such a way as to eventually create more employment opportunities for locals while stimulating the Australian economy in a positive way.

As an American, I think the UK is where we will be in the next 5 years or so. Sooner if Trump loses the 2020 election and doesn’t do anything to stop illegal immigration.

The UK needs to start waves of mass deportations. If they don’t they might as well not even bother with Brexit because there won’t be a UK left.

Boris Johnson is looking after his own cronies he’s not trying to appease the left he’s doing what big business wants him to do

Boris Johnson was a member of the bullingdon club to gain membership you had to find a homeless person at night wake them up often them a £50 note and then when they go to take it Burn it in front of them Boris Johnson most likely has a mental disorder to do something like that and most definitely looks down upon the poor even the homeless people like him are not fit to a country but he’s a mile better than Jeremy Corbyn so this is the best we’ve got

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Welcome to mass insanity in the UK.

Insanity has been here for a little while now

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It’s because he knows that May failed spectacularly in her pledge to reduce immigration figures, so now there are so many undocumented immigrants it would be logistically impossible to repatriate them all . . . and that’s even if the authorities could find out where to repatriate them to? So what choice does he have other than to sanction the amnesty? It’s the same with his announcement yesterday to continue the HS2 project, because after all the compulsory purchasing so far along the proposed route would result in chaos by compensating those home owners who’ve been bought out, and probably street unrest because of the prodigious waste of public funds to date. I’m afraid he has his hands full.

Cue for a song - There may be trouble ahead?

Neither of them are fools. Eccentric yes, but not fools.

Many of us tried to point out the similarities are mostly purely superficial.

:laughing:. No.

Labour wants mass immigration to Britain because they are gaining new votes

The conservatives wants mass immigration to Britain because it gives big business cheap labour and more people to sell products to

Remember when David Cameron said he was going to reduce mass immigration to Britain to the tens of thousands and then said he could not do this because the EU would not allow him whilst flooding the country with commonwealth immigration Labour and conservatives are not the friends of the common man

Maybe we can send our illegals to Britain.

Welcome! And yes I do concur! I must consult with Herman before I have inaugurated my hurricane plan just to make sure he did not send Cap Ahab on a wild goose chase!

quote The conservatives want mass immigration to Britain because it gives big business cheap labour and more people to sell products to unquote

That could explain why May failed so spectacularly to ‘bring down the immigration figures from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands’? And we thought it was because of her incompetence!

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At least your immigrants don’t believe in witch-doctors and mutilating the genitalia of baby girls?

Really? Check again !