Bombing Suspect Dies in Shootout with FBI

As we head longer into this Coronavirus lockdown is this the type of events we will come to expect in the future as being more frequent? I don’t know but one has to wonder what this guy was thinking when going into a shootout with FBI of all agencies. Either he had a death wish or he wasn’t too bright or maybe both. Still, it’s food for fodder that normally wouldn’t have a second thought, but it’s the times we live in.

White supremacist is an oxymoron, what races doesn’t think it’s supreme?

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This story sounds like total psyop bullshit to me. They have been desperately pushing the WN narrative and now they needed one of their own to go undercover and “die” in a shootout. Total nonsense.

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Who is “they”? Why does this sound like a total psyops bs? Was this guy a figment of someone’s imagination and made the whole story up according to you?

They - is the government, deep state, IC, take your pick at the title. This is fake news. This event didn’t happen and “Timothy Wilson” isn’t a real person. This is to help them push their new narrative about evil whitey and “white nationalists” being worse than ISIS :rofl:

Sure! You are free to provide evidence to support your assertions until then we have enough nutcases who peddle conspiracy theories everyday here and we don’t need anymore by adding you to that list! Thanks.

The head of the FBI is a cuck. Also, when did we start trusting and believing the FBI again?


This is EXACTLY the point. We have been talking shit on the FBI for the past 3 years. The FBI recently came out and said “white nationalists are a bigger threat than ISIS” and everyone laughed at them…except coastal liberal elites who actually believed it and had been pushing that narrative in the first place. Now…we get some random story about a guy who wanted to blow up a hospital because muh white people. Come on. That shit doesn’t even make sense. He could have easily just rolled down to the ghetto and started lighting up Tyrone and his pals which would have overwhelmed the hospital ICU anyway. This story is pure retard fiction.

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Like I said you are free to provide evidence on contrary as its you that is calling this story false so the burden of proof falls on you.

That’s the demonrats agenda ! Most of the squad preaches whites are evil and should be taken out . All the “white privilege” ranting by the left doesn’t go unheard !

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Yeah…let me disprove what the FBI is saying :ok_hand:

Thanks for proving my point though. There are some people that will just believe everything that the government tells them, even after they had been posting negative stories about the FBI lying for months on end…now because you like this story you believe the FBI. You are literally the definition of confirmation bias.

I bet you believe the official government story about Ruby Ridge and Waco too. The government never does anything wrong at all.

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Prove that this guy was an actual white nationalist. Right now, if you are white and slightly to the right of Mao, and believe in borders, then you are a white nationalist.

This guy could have just been a fucking nutjob and an easy mark for a corrupt law enforcement organization to target, set up, and spin whatever message they wanted to.

Uh no! Don’t be a fking retard, this was a story reported by law and crime! If you question the veracity of the story then why don’t you contact the author of the article? Or maybe you are just too lazy to do so otherwise it’s you in your hysteria that is making false accusations! Either back it up or STFU!

No one is questioning the publication as far as I can tell. They are questioning the source which has completely destroyed the trust it once had with the American people. Don’t get all butt hurt because people still don’t trust the FBI. Maybe you do, and that’s fine, but most of us do not for well documented and rational reasons.

How could ANYONE trust the FBI after the dossier and the FISA warrant LIES ???

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That’s where my distrust comes from too. This is the same organization that literally tried to conduct an internal coup against an elected president.

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When I see FBI I think peter ,lisa , comey ,mcabe and their merry cast of lying turds .

This story has already been verified due to this was in connection to an associate who was arrested and ratted out this dude who was under investigation for over a year. The entire narrative that this was made up is not only insane but stupid. I get the wording part of White Nationalists and the narrative being propagated by the media but this story actually happened. Funny also I don’t remember Timothy McViegh when he decided to blow up the FBI building in Oklahoma City wanting target blacks as being an objective. So that last part is also dumb!

Timothy McVeigh was targeting the government over Ruby Ridge and Waco.

I am talking about what Poz said as being likely targets and motives as not being credible. Read up a few posts for context.