Blatant Discrimination in Housing

I am not sure this law will survive a court ruling. Everyone is entitled to equal protections of the law!
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I read today that half of the states in America are going to prioritise non-whites for vaccinations we live in a mad world when will white people wake up

Democrats have always been for segregation

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Like the US Canada has a central government with broad basic responsibilities.

Should be interesting to see of the conservatives (not as many as liberals) can stop the wasteful practices of their government.

Since the liberal government took control like the US debt their has exploded.

Castro got control in Venezuela by attacking the whites, he would take homeless ppl with him, and ask them to pick a house and the I thought it was going to the house take ownership of the property, kick the white family out and give it to the homeless person… democraism (combination of communism and fascism)

I had a black co worker tell me she participated in a black only cook charity lol I’m like you Participated in Segregation

Sounds good to me, let the sheep take this “vaccine”. Seriously folks, we’ve been working on a flu vaccine for 30+ years and it’s 30% effective. I’m supposed to believe that Covid is 90%+ effective after 6 months? Yeah, screw you, keep your vaccine.


I do not want the vaccination either however you are missing the bigger picture they are trying to get whites use to being treated like a second class citizen for the colour of own skin this is still the thin edge of the wedge this mixed in with positive discrimination preferential business loans preferential housing opportunities lower standards to access education.

The white elderly are being push to the back of the line for the vaccination we both believe this vaccination will not help them however this preferential treatment will most likely lead to more preferential treatment for things that actually matter like operations and health care for cancer patients

We are already at the back of the queue for business opportunities educational opportunities and social funding for community issues the next step is back of the line for healthcare it’s odd that people cannot see this pattern emerging

I’m not missing that picture, it’s been blatantly obvious for decades now. This is just more of the same and it’s the very reason why Donald Trump won the last election, forcing Democrats to cheat to get the victory in this one. I want it to continue because the push back is very clear. People will only tolerate this crap to a point and we’re reaching critical mass.

I hope your are right mate

One wonders just how long a white-only law would survive (or if it would immediately be branded as discrimination–which, of course, it would be).

At any rate, 40 million is token…

That would be because they are amongst the most reluctant recipients, but mainly they are disproportionately affected by Covid. Nothing racist about it…

And, sense Trumpers are such skeptics of the vaccines, I’m not understanding why they would care or complain about prioritizations to begin with…:man_shrugging:

Makes you wonder how/why Trump commissioned OWS which produced this 90+% effective vaccine…:thinking:

You didn’t read the rest of my posts because you are a troll and deliberate mischaracterise trump supporters as anti vaccinations I have not seen any data to prove this

Your mother is a hoe

Apparently special dispensations being made due to Covid…

It’s both odd and comical that Trump is being denied the credit for a record speed vaccine with unprecedented efficacy by his own base…

While he could be doing a victory lap in the closing chapter of his presidency, the Trumper is spreading lies and disinformation about his OWS vaccine and largely refusing to take it…:rofl:

Yeah right. He claimed that they cheated in the 2016 election also. To that end he created a committee to investigate that fraud. After a year, the committee disbanded without even compiling a report, so utterly lacking was any evidence of his claims. Just as this time around with 60 state courts and the Supreme Court twice tossing all his suits citing lack of evidence…:rofl::rofl::rofl:

No it doesn’t. You’re under the mistaken impression that I trusted Trump to make a vaccine? I think he threw money at companies to do it and they promised SOMETHING… I thought it was a waste of money back then and I think it’s a waste of money today.

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Again, we’re using common sense. Unlike leftists, we don’t just place blanket faith in our politicians. They’ve been working on a vaccine for the Flu for 30+ years and it’s 30% effective, yet in 6 months, we have one for Covid that’s 90%+? Bullshit. I won’t be taking it. . . and I’m not anti-vaccination. I just believe that companies that stand to make billions will fuck you with ZERO hesitation. That’s why I despise it when corporations get into bed with government. It’s a guaranteed way to get screwed.