BLACKED: James Bond Goes 100% WOKE! Angry Black Woman To Play 007 - White Men Are Outdated!

Wow you hit it out of the park there Max.

Let’s let a producer even suggest a movie in which Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, or MLK is played by a white actor and watch Hollywood explode and the rest of the country right along with it.

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Ian Fleming will be rolling in his grave and of course the new “Bond” can no longer be “Commander Bond” either as it wasn’t a rank in the WRNS.

What next ? Trans Alistair In Wonderland…


From what I have read she is playing a character that is given the 007 codename but is not taking on the leading role nor is she becoming the next “James Bond”.

Its quite possible she will die by the end of the movie or even turn out to be one of the villains.

I agree if James Bond franchise becomes Jane Bond then it will crash and burn but I think Idris Elba would make a superb Bond. There is no reason that with the right casting that Bond could not be a black dude.

What a glorious future! Angry gender indeterminate critters will own the Bond series. What excitement, there will be scenes with her texting an angry policy proposal to an AOC character, and sternly correct a villain’s failure to show enough deference to a tranny, and of course she will kill - people’s livelihoods with the stainless steel race card!
007 the spy who sued me…
Ooh, so exciting!
Bond is now done.

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:joy: all of this about a fictional character… hahahahaha.

Like a million other people on the internet like you! :rofl:

I guess she’s never watched the Oscars.

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Ehhhh, they obviously are aiming at a different, younger, target audience. They likely worked out the numbers…

a fictional iconic character, where do we draw the line?

why not make the character Jack in the Jack in a beanstalk a transgendered chinese person

or classic cartoon Fred Flinstone a minority non binary person from the LGBTQ and whatever alphebet comes after that

Why dont we transform the Goldilocks into a angry lesbian feminist and she beats the crap of the three bears, of course that might piss off PETA and other animal activist groups

what do you think?

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Sure why not? Unless the movie is a biopic… or a period piece, what difference does it make?

Well…I guess it makes a difference because James Bond was never a black woman?

Is James Bond a real person?

What difference does that make?

Because he is a fictional character. James Bond is 007. 007 is a secret agent code name. 007 is not attached, exclusively, to a white male. 007 can be anyone.

007 is fictional and not a real person.

Then why not a Polynesian, paraplegic, one-eyed, dreadlocked, pedophile midget? A boring black female? Pfft, this is hardly what I would call progressive.

Great point!

Let’s remake ROOTS with all White cast - let’s make The Color Purple with an all WHITE cast. Let’s remake Uncle Tom with ALL WHITE CAST.



Bond is not a female role. Never was. Never will be.

Yeah this is actually a good idea. We need to take movies that were mainly black and do some low budget shitty remake with only white people in it. They will get so pissed off and then we can just turn around and say shit like this:

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except that when Sir Ian Fleming created the character it was a white male in his majesty’s secret service

It wasnt a black woman, it was a white British/UK man.

It would be like asking jennifer lopez to play the iconic Ms mammy in the film " gone with the wind"

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Aww poor thing.

You aren’t good at this.

Roots and Color Purple are period pieces. James Bond is not.