BLACKED: James Bond Goes 100% WOKE! Angry Black Woman To Play 007 - White Men Are Outdated!

James Bond is now going to be a pissed off sassy black woman who looks like a dyke. Nobody will watch this. Shareholders should sue…

Not only is this the destruction of a franchise but it is an overt attempt to blackwash a white, British cultural icon. All so we can get a loudmouthed sauntering mammy to appease leftists who won’t watch this shit anyay.


Straight white men will be blamed when this flops.

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Never Say “Really, This **** Again?”

And one more movie brand goes down the shitter. Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Dr. Who, and now Bond? Would it take the entire movie industry going the way of Betamax for them to get a fucking clue?


I don’t want to pay to see it, but I do want to go watch it in theaters so I can uncontrollably laugh when she becomes 007.

I was just talking about someone with this today.

People watch James Bond because he is handsome, a daredevil, a womanizer and all that goes with the role that has been played for years. Not to mention the cool gadgets Q comes up with.

People don’t care about Bond getting “woke”. Quite frankly, the James Bond we all know and love wouldn’t touch this kind of being “woke” with a ten foot pole…


It’s one thing to make James Bond black, it’s another thing to make him a woman. But both at the same time, are they retarded or just shilling?

This is utter horse shit. ‘Representation’ my ass. The SJW crowd is just trying to break all the toys so that no one else can play with them.

Garunteed to be a major flop! Who the heck is their target audience, the 0.1% of hardcore dykes?

I was shaken, not stirred when I read that title.


To answer your question; YES!

If it means that the entire populace get woke to the idea that a slow codified conditioning process has been taking place through the consumption of mass media, then this latest development can be turned into a positive! Hurting Hollywood and other aspects of media need to be felt with wallets and turned off in protest!

She can still be a womanizer

Not exactly a big deal since he had black partners in the eighties and a back female partner in one of the last couple of Bond’s.

Hopefully the ratings will crash and they’ll get over this BS.

007 is an obsolete franchise anyway. Now they can claim that the reason why people don’t watch it is racism and sexism and get some novelty- and pity-views from progressives.

Bond comes from an era, when most men married in their early twenties, had very little education, and when women were not willing to have sex so easy as today.

There was something to admire about a man who is in his thirties, free, single, charming and who can go to a bar and has the self-confidence to pick up a new gorgeous woman to have sex with anywhere he went – all while kicking ass and killing bad guys. Men wanted to be like him, and women wanted to have sex with him.

Now we live in a time when there are more than enough thirty-something men with no families, no relationships except with the (increasingly low-quality) tarts they pick up every weekend at the bar. These men have fast cars they spend their entire free time tuning, just to make them look more and more ridiculous. They spend their evenings drinking excessively and “having fun”. In them we see how empty, sad and pathetic that kind of life actually is.

Then we look and Mr. Bond, and it’s hard to not see him as just one more sad and pathetic character – a failed man with no depth in his life. And who wants to watch that kind of a man do anything?

I personally would have preferred a black transgender woman, turned lesbian with a missing limb and maybe, as a bonus, an illegal immigrant status, but you can’t win them all. Either way the franchise will be destroyed and the result would have been achieved by the Marxist ideologues.


Scarlett Johansson to play Malcolm X – it’s about time!!!

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An ugly black women at that !! DAM

OMG… That didn’t even cross my mind :nauseated_face: :laughing:

If it were obsolete how come the last five films have all been box office smashes?

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what a stupid idea, what is next Angelina Jolie playing Rosa Parks?
or jackie chan playing MLK jr

A black woman playing the iconic James Bond?

what is the name of the film " the spy that triggered my microaggressions"

most guys looks forward to seeing the bond girls James as the british say “shagging” who will be the bond girls, transgendered and non binary ones?

Im getting sick of hollywood