Big Tech Purge Continues, Facebook Bans Walk Away Movement, Reddit Bans Pro-Trump Group, Twitter Purge Ongoing, Biden Labels Trump Supporters “Domestic Terrorists”

Extreme control efforts are a reaction to extreme fear. If the left-wing political elements who control most social media platforms were not fearful they would not be taking such aggressive action.

The “Walk Away” movement was an organization of voices of former Democrats who turned away from the extreme leftist moves by the democrat party. The group was supportive of President Trump and the populist ‘America First’ message.

This move comes after Joe Biden called President Trump supporters“domestic terrorists” and announced his administration’s intent to target those voices as members of an insurrection against his administration. An alarming move to a totalitarian state where dissenting voices must be silenced and removed.

There are more of us than them. The Big Tech oligarchs who control the system are trying to shut down communication amid the dissenting voices that demand liberty and freedom. This is a strategic effort in the battle for our nation.

Stand strong!

More to come….


The Walk Away Movement are ex-Democrats, this just illustrates the purge will be of ANYONE who is opposed to The Democrat Party and One Party Dictatorship and the planned NWO World Dictatorship.

The aim is to silence 75 million people, the only way they can successful do this is if they do a Genocide, it is IMPOSSIBLE to silence 75 million people UNLESS you murder them and permanently silence them.






There is NO SUCH PARTY…:roll_eyes:

The Communist Party then, you know Creepy Joe and Kameltoe Sloppy Seconds and Nutty Nancy and Big Nose Rat Face Chucky Shumer belong to it.

That party doesn’t exist either…

The Nazi Party doesn’t exist, but that doesn’t stop all the Leftists and the MSM POS calling Rightists “Nazi’s”

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If there was a “Jesus” he wouldn’t want any part of this nastiness. No wonder more and more people are abandoning Christianity…:roll_eyes:

No actually Jesus could be pretty nasty against Satan and this is what we are also fighting the Agents of Satan on this earth, as Christians we are following in the literal sense the teachings of Jesus Christ, we are doing Our Lord’s work on earth.

The Communists are not to be considered human beings, considering they have allowed Satan to control them, they are Demons and must be and will be destroyed. Our Lord DEMANDS this of His followers.

My eldest child was 8 years old in December 2020 and I asked him what he wants to do when he grows up and he said “destroy Communists” He’s been taught well and my younger children and also being taught well.

Censorship and free speech at it’s finest.

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Indoctrination at its finest…

Well it’s better to indoctrinate my children to hate Communists and Communism which are of The Anti-Christ than to allow my children to be indoctrinated by Communist supporting Teaching Unions in the art of Transgendering, Anti-White Hatred, White Guilt, taking the knee for the fucking Neo-Marxist BLM POS and that our Founding Fathers were all racist mass murderers who should be subjected to Cancel Culture.


There’s no communists in America. There are a few avowed socialists, but they’re not the same no matter what you guys say…

There’s no communists in America. There are a few avowed socialists, but they’re not the same no matter what you guys say…



More hypocrisy from you on the Left. Our whole education system is an indoctrination into the Leftist agenda.


Well, it was brought to my attention that I was still listed in Facebook as someone you could send message to. Apparently when I dumped it a few years ago, it just deactivated it. Well, it’s permanently deleted now. I also dumped Firefox, disappointing as I was a loyal user for more than a decade. I will NOT do business with a company that insists on censoring anyone. I’m DONE with them. It’s the same decision I made to say screw any store that doesn’t respect my right to conceal carry. Their choice, I just won’t give them a dime. I also used to love to go to Mod Pizza, we actually spent a lot of time in the early days of Covid supporting them to keep them afloat but one day, I walked in and was ordering and noticed that every employee had a shirt on that said “Social injustice doesn’t have a plate at our table.”… I looked at the manager and said “Really? After all of the support we gave you people, you’re going full blown SJW on us? Cancel the order and I won’t be back.” The interesting fact here is I knew she had a girlfriend and didn’t give a damn but when you start attacking me because I don’t support your fuckwit movement, telling me to get lost if I don’t support you, you get your wish. You lose my money. I’m SICK of this shit. Google is dead to me. I’m looking to replace Apple since they banned Parler. Amazon can suck my ass. Walmart was dead to me years ago. Facebook, the same. I’m done with ALL of this leftist bullshit. I honestly don’t give a rats ass what your politics are UP TO THE POINT of where you start lecturing me. Then FUCK YOU.

You know what’s also ironic? I got rid of Hannity for the same reason. I’m SICK of censorship. I forced them to delete my full account there because I was sick and tired of moderation. We don’t NEED it, we just need an ignore button. There are a few fuck sticks here that I just can’t listen to because it’s mental retardation so I ignored them. I don’t want them banned, I don’t want them silenced, I don’t want them moderated. I have the capacity to choose what stupidity I don’t want to see.


You may be sick of censorship, but it’s not going away. And don’t start with your first amendment rights. Private companies are not the government, and this is not a right to free speech issue. If Twitter or Facebook doesn’t like your bigotry and hate of over half of Americans, and our long standing democratic institutions, then they’re going to block you…:man_shrugging:

I’m happy they took this stance, don’t repeal 230… let’s just build butter sites, and let’s have some actual dialogue in America, let’s talk immigration with out censorship, let’s talk what are plans are for Democrats.
Let’s tell lawmakers what we want… this is a huge mistake by social media giants…
gab is about to blast off and a few others…

And there’s nothing you can do about it lol

Yeah, there’s quite a lot of that going around…

Let the boycotts begin! It’s not like they contribute anything positive anyway right? Yet the usual clowns are here arguing the same while missing the bigger picture.

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